photo: Antti Hahl

What has B-Squad’s Tuomo Naalisvaara been up to?

Published on 26.4.2012 13:57


I usually start my season in Hawaii in March and end it somewhere in Northern Europe around November. Last year, I spent the first and the last two months in Hawaii, where I just went back a few weeks ago. The North Shore of Maui is one of the most consistent places on earth in terms of waves and trade wind. That’s what makes it such a special place for a windsurfer.

I feel pretty confident as I did a lot of training here last year, as well. I got the touch back after 5-7 days in the water which is pretty good as there are so many moves to do. I decided to surf with the same boards as last year – which makes it a bit easier to improve my wave riding skills – but I’m still trying to find the best fin setup to sail.

Over the last days, it has been pretty windy in Maui and I’ve had a lot of airtime with jumps, but I have also got some nice wave riding days before that. Today I took a day off and went running (there were no waves), but for tomorrow it looks like a new swell is arriving, so we should get back in the action.

I’m training here until late May and will head up to the Canary Islands in late June. The first Wave World Cup is in Gran Canaria in beginning of July, and the next one is in Tenerife in mid July. Then I have a few months’ break before the Cold Hawaii World Cup on the west coast of Denmark, and the last one is on an island called Sylt, Germany, in the North Sea.  

Of course, I hope to get some windy and wavy conditions in Finland between my trips – especially Mäntyluoto in Pori can be a lot of fun!!