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What has B-Squad’s Jukka Mäennenä been up to?

Published on 23.4.2012 10:46

My name is Jukka and I like to ride bikes. I´ve been riding mountain bikes and bmx for about ten years now, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Bikes are so much fun. Only a few things enable you to go fast and high so easily. That’s what got me into bikes in the first place. Besides that I found the technical side to bikes fascinating, as well. That relates to my education as well, since I’m studying mechanical engineering at the moment in the local university. The things I’ve learned have gone to practice since I’ve made bike parts myself for some years now. You can check them out at

These past few winters have been pretty rough. I haven’t got a place where I really like to ride in the city where I live. Practically, this has meant a two hour drive to the Signature bmx warehouse in Kellokoski to have a proper ride. Usually I’ve tried to go just once a week. Other than that I’ve tried to ride some street style of stuff in the basement in my school. It gets old after a while, but it’s better than nothing. So riding hasn’t been in as big a role during the past couple of winters as I would have liked it to be. I’ve made the most of my time trying to get some school work done, planning and working on other projects and going to the gym (a lot) to be in shape for the upcoming season and to stay healthy as well.

This has been my day schedule this past winter:

6:00am – Wake up
6:05am – A big breakfast
7:00am – Do some running errands. Responding to email, stuff for school etc.
8:30am – Go to the gym
9:30am – Finished the training session
10:00am – School
12:00am – Lunch
1:00pm – More school
3:30pm – Back at home around that time
4:00pm – Do some more running errands
4:15pm – Try to ride for a bit, go for a quick run or whatever I feel like doing that day
6:30pm – Usually back at home around that time
6:45pm – Dinner
7:15pm – Reading, school stuff, emails or other things that I’ve planned for the day
9:00pm – Do some stretching for a bit
10:00pm – Sleep. Zzzz!!

Last February was an exception though. I made a month long trip Los Angeles. It’s the place where bmx was born. You don’t have to take too many guesses how good the riding spots were around there. Couple that with sunny weather and you’re all set! All I did during the month was just ride and have a good time. In other words, I had it just the way I wanted. Now looking back it was an even better idea to be around there during that time because I was able to be away during the darkest and coldest period of the Finnish winter. Please do check out the video and webmag I made about my trip at:

I’m stoked about this season. My plans are pretty much the following: riding as much as I can, doing shows, working here and there, traveling a bit and having a good time in general! ¨Last summer, we built a superb ramp nearby where I live. It’s one of my favorite places to ride in the whole country! It’s not bad that I can get there by taking 13 cranks from my home door (yeah, I counted them last autumn)! Check out the video I made for you guys just a couple of days ago:

That’s all in a nutshell. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. I’m going to ride as much as possible, get as dialed as possible, learn some more tricks and have fun in the process. See you in the woods at the trails or at my local ramp in Tampere!

Check out what I’m up to at Battery Facebook!/batterydrink and!

- Jukka