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UK festival energized by Battery Energy Drink

Published on 06.6.2012 15:53

The 2012 ‘Out of the Ashes’ festival took place on the 1st and 2nd of June. 20+ bands played on the outdoor Battery Energy Drink stage with a good mix of styles from classic rock to metal and punk.

The stage was very busy right from when the first band started at 2:30 in the afternoon, and the hot and sunny weather increased the size of the crowd as the day went on. The final two bands of the evening, ‘The No Name Janes’ and ‘Savage Outlaw’ played to large crowds who had been enjoying the day – energized by Battery Energy Drink at the Battery stage.

The second day of the festival saw large crowds brave conditions that were not as good as on the first day. Then again, the British are used to some ‘liquid sunshine’, and with plenty of Battery Energy Drink available many stayed throughout the day in front of the Battery stage to see bands such as ‘Zebedy’ and ‘Wolves’.

Throughout the festival Battery Energy Drink was available and helping to keep everyone going and enjoying the great atmosphere. 

Many thanks to the Battery Energy Drink girls Yasmine and Meg, Emily from ‘Saturday Night Makeup’ for her makeup skills, and to the organizing team at ‘New World Events’.

Battery Energy Drink will be the official energy drink of ‘Out of the Ashes’ 2013 – see you all there.