Trailer of the KBR Golden Years snowboarding movie

Published on 11.9.2013 15:32

Battery Energy Drink is the proud main sponsor of the newest snowboarding movie by KBR.

KBR is the biggest and the most renowned finnish snowboarding crew that keeps delivering jaw dropping movies on yearly basis. Their newest production Golden Years is shot in Finland, Central-Europe and the USA. Golden Years represents modern snowboarding in the way how ten upcoming snowboarders from Finland see it. Golden Years is inspired by friendship and love to snowboarding.

Golden Years features riding by B-Unit’s Petrus Koskinen and also by Toni Kerkelä, Janne Lipsanen, Antti Jussila, Sakari Lähdesmäki, Sami Luhtanen, Teo Konttinen, Jani Sorasalmi, Elias Veijola, Niko Länsiö and friends. Cinematography by Eemeli Nättinen, Gus Tible and Jon Vital.

Check out the trailer and movie premiere tour dates here: