The off-road trophy team FS Motorsport Finland competed in Estonia

Published on 12.9.2012 7:39

Battery Energy Drink’s local heroes from Finland, the off-road trophy team FS Motorsport Finland, were invited to compete in Estonia at the Nissan Klaperjaht 2012 off-road endurance race. The Klaperjaht 2012 took place in Valga, at the Jaanikese Motokeskus. As always in good races, FS Motorsport Finland was faced with more than enough mud, extreme situations and extraordinary challenges.

FS Motorsport Finland ran into some trouble during the qualification races on the first day, when they ended up trashing their car almost completely. However, the team still managed to breathe some life into the car – and finished in 8th place in the race. Not bad, guys.

Check out the (very cool) official race video:

For photos of the event, go to: