The 2011 B-Unit Team Has Been Named

Published on 17.12.2010 12:35

There will be some changes to Battery’s already legendary B-Unit snowboarding team this winter.  The B-Unit’s mission from the very start has been to support promising Finnish snowboarders on their way to success. The best example of the unit’s success would probably be Peetu Piiroinen, who after 5 years on the team won the Olympic silver medal in Vancouver in 2010. Having achieved all the highest accolades and become arguably the all-time best Finnish rider, he is taking a bow and making room for two new hungry riders. We would like to thank both Peetu and his little brother Petja, who are both leaving us this season, for what they have done for the B-Unit and Finnish snowboarding as a whole. We wish them both the best of luck for their futures.

Battery energy drink has signed a deal with two new and upcoming Finnish snowboarders, Ilkka-Eemeli Laari and Petrus Koskinen. The guys will be joining Matti Kinnunen and Nuutti Niemelä to form B-Unit for the coming season. While Ilkka-Eemeli Laari is a true gentleman and an upcoming halfpipe superstar, Petrus Koskinen has been gaining recognition with his wicked moves and smooth words. Both of them have a lot to offer to the snowboarding world and B-Unit.

We trust you all join us in warmly welcoming Ile and Petrus to the team!