Snowmobile enduro racing with Mikko Laine

Published on 09.11.2012 6:52

Winter is coming and we at Battery HQ are ready to get the hands-on experience of every snow sport where we are involved.

We had a opportunity to have an brief Q & A with our snowmobile enduro racer Mikko Laine.

Q: Tell everyone a brief introduction of yourself?

A: I’m Mikko Laine, 31 years old food retailer and snowmobile enduro rider from Sodankylä, Finland. I have been driving snowmobiles since I was 5 years old.

Q: How’s the year 2012 been for you considering snowmobile racing and training?

This year my rank was the 2nd place in the Finnish championship series. New race season starts in January 2013 and I have been tighten my training program. I have tried some new training methods such as motocross during summer and skiing in winter. During the summer time, we have build a new snowmobile for me with my mechanic. In snowmobiles, I trust the Finnish Lynx.

Q: How do you see your 2013 season?

In the upcoming season my goal is to rank 1st in the enduro Finnish championship which is settled in 5 competitions. First time in the world in snowmobile enduro there will be an European championship competition. The European championship competition will be driven in Karstula, Finland during 8.-9.3.2013. Winning the European championship is my dream and we have been working hard to reach the European championship 1st place.

That being said, on behalf of Battery, we wish Mikko the best of luck.