#SKIINGTOIBIZA, story of Car 2 Klaus + Niklas

Published on 27.8.2014 7:22

The #SkiingToIbiza series was about two carfulls of skiiers, Matti Räty + Oskari Raitanen in Car 1. and Klaus Finne + Niklas Eriksson in Car 2. driving through Europe from the Nordics to Ibiza to attend the grand finale of Gumball 3000 2014.

This is the story of Car 2 as told by Klaus Finne.

“Started this journey by driving down to the very south of Norway, boarding the ferry that would take me across the sea to Denmark. Upon landing, I drove straight to the Airport to pick up Niklas who flew in from Sweden the same day. The team was complete and we headed south for Amsterdam to meet up with Matti and Oskari, the Finnish crew.

The original plan was to go skiing, preferably on snow, but we soon realized the ski dome was located some distance outside the city and would be too far to go back and forth. Since we were staying in Amsterdam for two nights we had to do something in the city. After about half an hour drive we found what we were looking for. A canal with a small road running parallel. I took out my Elan powder skis, mounted a rope on the back of my truck and skied behind it on the canal. It was fun and we got some cool shots.

Next morning we drove a few hours south until reaching Snow world in Landgraaf. Its a huge dome with several slopes and even a pretty sick park. Especially considering its inside. It was a nice experience.

After we finished skiing we hit the road again. This time it was the water ramps in Mettmenstetten we had in mind. This place is insane. They have four different ramps, diving board and trampolines all over the place.

We now packed the skis away for a while and went down to Barcelona where we chilled for 3 days waiting for the Gumball 3000 rally to arrive. The cars finally arrived and threw a huge party down by the beach. We had a good time.

Early next morning we got picked up by a bus with the rest of the Battery crew, taking us down the cost to a ferry which would take us to our final destination. Ibiza.

On the island we stayed at a huge villa with the crew from Battery and went to some of the most wicked parties I’ve ever been to. I think people can imagine what sort of craziness is involved when you mix playboys and rich folks with race cars and rally going from Miami to Ibiza in about a week. It was a great experience to be a part of Gumball 3000 and to going on this trip with all these great people.Thanks Battery!”


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