Ludde preparing for the last World Championship race


Published on 24.9.2012 7:54


The 2012 MX3 World Championship had its final event of the year at the Teutschenthal track in eastern Germany with all classes in action.

For the AP24RACING Team rider Ludde Söderberg, it was the last opportunity to score more points than in any of the previous eight rounds and he succeeded so hats off to the Finnish youngster.

“I have been preparing myself in no other way than for the other rounds,” said Ludde, who did a Finnish national before Germany. “That race went so and so, since I had my first DNF (did not finish) of the season due to an electrical problem. Then I won the second heat to compensate for the bad luck. I did only 2 of the Finnish MX1 championship events and at the first one I scored two second places to show my abilities in my home country.”

“Soon the racing season is over and on the Monday after next week’s MXoN international team race in Lommel I have to report to the Finnish army. I have already a clean cut army shave,” he added with a smile. Ludde will join the Finnish army as explained in earlier reports.


AP24RACING Team owner Antti Pyrhönen was present at Teutschenthal entertaining Battery Energy Drink guests who were fortunate enough to be visiting the biggest MX GP weekend of the year.

“I am not riding anymore but I came to Teutschenthal to build things for my future. And as I am the team owner I was there to support Ludde. It became an emotional weekend for me, especially during the last MX3 heat. Every year it brought me mixed feelings when the season was over. Today it was very emotional, since it is hard for me just to watch racing while in my heart I want to be out on the track.”

“It has to sink in that my career as a rider is now really over. I got hurt in England and without that injury I could have been fighting for another 3rd place and bronze medal in the championship. It was not to be, and I am fifth this year and must be happy with that.”

“I look at the future and I am sure there will be plenty of things to do. Last Friday Youthstream did a long TV interview with me out of respect for my long career so that was great. I got a lot of positive comments from old friends in the paddock, it was great to meet so many people from all classes.”

“It had been my dream to have my own team and it has been a terrific year with Ludde, his mechanic Jani Kalajanniska and my mechanic Jussi Heikkonen. Together with our PR team Tapio and Harry and my family, our crew did a great job for a small team.”

“I am very happy to see that Ludde reached the top ten in the World Championship, it is truly nice to see him increase his confidence and make steps to become a better racer and a stronger person.”


With Antti by his side, Ludde got prepared for the last two heats of this year’s World Championship. In free practice it was his first time out on the spectacular, fast Teutschenthal circuit. An amazing number of international spectators came to the final competition of all the international mx classes, MX1, MX2, MX3 and WMX, the ladies class.

Ludde: “This year I moved from MX2 to the MX3 class and the 450cc bikes that we use in this class so it has been a learning year with good and bad days. Tenth place was kind of decided but my target for Germany is to do my best race of the year.”

“Saturday started with free practice and I did really well with fourth place. Everyone was checking out this race track, it is really cool. In the pre-qualifying practice I was tenth and then we had the qualifying race to determine each rider’s position at the starting gate.”

“I had a really good start and was third after the first lap trying to hold off faster riders. The track was slippery and as we had this race at the end of the day the sun was really low making vision a bit tough. After a good scrap with the world’s best riders and a small mistake I finished in ninth but the differences were really small with the guy in fifth.”

“I felt I had a good and close race and with this position I was okay for my starting position targeting to do better on Sunday. To my surprise four of my friends had made the trip to Germany to cheer for me and they really made some noise.”


1. Matthias Walkner (AUT, KTM), 26:14.531; 2. Dennis Baudrexl (GER, KTM), +0:10.951; 3. Martin Michek (CZE, KTM), +0:16.134; 4. Filip Neugebauer (CZE, Kawasaki), +0:17.631; 5. Lukasz Lonka (POL, Honda), +0:30.123; 6. Petr Smitka (CZE, Kawasaki), +0:31.070; 7. Günter Schmidinger (AUT, Honda), +0:31.839; 8. Klemen Gercar (SLO, Honda), +0:35.538; 9. Ludde Söderberg (FIN, Honda), +0:39.564; 10. Evgeni Tyletski (BLR, KTM), +0:42.549;


Matthias Walkner had won the qualifying race to show his cards for the final race day on the way to his first MX3 World title. With a good lead he started the final day of the championship and he made no mistake, securing the title in heat number one.

Ludde on Walkner: “He has been one the best all year long with more victories and the most consistent scores of us all so he deserves the title, congrats to him and his team.”

On Sunday, Ludde did not make the flying starts he was hoping for with a position just outside the top ten. “It was a hard fight with many unknown riders who only showed up for this event plus there were the MX3 regulars. I feel I can match the speed of many of these guys, there was so much going on in the heats. My first race finish in eleventh was not what I was looking for.”

A huge amount of fans were celebrating Walkner’s title against a handful of Finnish fans who were yelling and screaming for their local hero Söderberg.

Race two was a better deal for Ludde with another hard fight. “I feel good as the start was not perfect but I worked myself up and rode a bit more aggressive.”

“In England I finished 6th which was the best heat score of the year; today I nearly copied that with a 7th place and pity Bartos came in really hard on me on the last lap to snatch away another 6th place. I worked hard to secure 24 World Championship points which is the best result of the nine MX3 events. You can say I saved my best for last.”

“Antti took me under his wings this year, he continued as one of the strongest MX3 racers. At the same time he coached me to learn how to be a professional racer and keep my sponsors happy. Today I rode pressure free, I closed the championship series with fun, a good performance and I stayed healthy all year long. A big thanks goes to Antti and his AP24RACING team. I am a happy man.” 


FIRST MOTO: 1. Neugebauer; 2. Michek; 3. Walkner; 4. Schmidinger; 5. Smitka; 6.Batista; 7. Lonka; 8, Baudrexl; 9. Bartos; 10. Cambre; 11. LUDDE SÖDERBERG

SECOND MOTO: 1. Neugebauer; 2. Walkner; 3. Baudrexl; 4. Michek; 5. Schmidinger; 6. Bartos;  7. LUDDE SÖDERBERG;   8. Cambre; 9. Lonka; 10. Batista