Published on 12.9.2012 8:02

This season, Finnish youngster Ludde Söderberg made the switch from Kimi’s IceOne Team to Antti Pyrhönen’s AP24RACING Team and began his collaboration with Battery Energy Drink.

After the recent MX3 race in England we sat down with Ludde. England and especially the fast and technical Matterley Basin circuit made it this year’s best MX3 score for Ludde with sixth place in race two. He had a couple of ups and downs this season, a set of bad starts and strong rides. What brings a difference is making a good start and that’s exactly what he did in England. Going home with 23 points he is sure to finish the season in the top ten of this World Championship.

However, his championship potential is the top 8 or even the top 6 when doing more consistent races. Ludde learned a lot this year where he lost points or where he could have done better.

To underline that he is the man for the future, he was again chosen by his federation to represent Finland in the annual team race, the prestigious Motocross of Nations MXoN. It was discussed whether he would be riding in the MX2 class in the team race, which would mean on a 250cc bike, whereas the MX3 class is done on 450cc bikes. Ludde gives the answers. 


“Matterley Basin was a lot of fun and good riding on the fast track with great jumps so I can be pleased with my result. A small crash in both heats have cost me a handful of points, anyway I wanted to deliver the best result of the year which I did with sixth place after good fights with the top guys in this class to demonstrate what I am able to do.”

“I wanted to show the men in charge that I deserve a place on team Finland for the MXoN. I was on the Finnish team in 2010 and 2011, and it is the biggest race of the year including the best riders on the planet. As England was a mix of all classes including MX1 and MX2, I went to talk to the people in the industry and tried to get a foot between some doors in finding plenty of options for sponsors and teams.”

“With the MXoN this year to be held at the very heavy deep sand circuit of Lommel ,we wanted to stay one week in Belgium after the British Grand Prix and ride as much deep sand as possible. The one week camp in Belgium didn’t actually happen. Because of Antti’s crash and injury in England we decided to train back in Finland, so I flew home and the mechanics took the boat back home.” “After that I started to get calls from the Finnish federation about riding in the MXoN. The first plan was to try and get me a 250cc bike, to ride MX2. Then after the unfortunate news that Santtu Tiainen had crashed and was injured and out of the team, they decided to keep me on a 450cc bike. So now the team is going to be me, Antti and Niko Koskela riding a MX2 bike. It’s really cool that both Antti and I are on the team, I guess that says something about our team’s level. We are the top guys in Finland! Also Niko is a good friend of mine and I know he’s a guy who doesn’t give up.”

“It’s an honor to race for the country again, like I’ve done since 2010. It’s going to be a really tough race, and I want to be in top shape and not let my team mates down! So I’m going to keep up my good shape.”

“One week before the MXoN which is end September I have one MX3 race left for the championship. In Germany I want to do the best race of the season and try to get into the top five! In the championship I’m tenth right now and it’s not impossible to get to ninth, but all I can do is race my best race and hope to catch guys in front of me.”

“In November, we have the final of our Finnish SX championship with a 2 day event in Tampere and then the year is done.” “I don’t have that much to tell about 2013 yet. I’m hoping to be a bit wiser after the German MX3 race. I talked to a few people in England and will look around again at the last MX3 of the year. I have been happy riding with Antti in the MX3 championships. We have a good team and the racing in the MX3 class is great.”

“It would be nice to try and get into the top 5 in the championship next year, after achieving my top 10 goal this year. After all, it is the first year for me on a 450 bike and I think I could get even better for next year. But at the same time it is always good to have an open mind about what happens in our sport.”


“Before 2013 kicks off, I have to do my service in the Finnish army though. I’m going to step into the Finnish army’s sports academy in Hennala. They give athletes a chance to combine the mandatory Army service in Finland with professional training. I think I can learn something there and it’s a good way to start the training that I have to do in the winter in preparation for the new racing season. Also, it’s possible to still go to training camps into central Europe. I have to do my army duties sometime I guess, so why not now…”

Peace! Ludde