Seljas Showdown now on the Extreme Sports channel

Published on 29.1.2013 12:56

The new adrenaline packed reality-based stunt TV Series, Seljas Showdown kicks off on the Extreme Sports channel tonight (January 29th). In the series, viewers can follow the life of a Finnish FMX professional and adrenaline junkie Jussi Seljas who is always on the hunt for new challenges. Seljas is also a member of the Battery Energy Drink B-Moto team. During the first season episodes Seljas performs backflips, stunt jumps and races against the clock. Check out the action-packed episodes and find out more about the man behind the stunts on the newly launched website:

The starting year promises to keep Jussi Seljas busy on all fronts. His calendar has filled up nicely with events and appearances scheduled on both snow and on gravel all year round. He is also busy with his online-series, which is expected to be a hit with adrenaline junkies around the world. He has hinted that an all-new TV-series for 2013 is not completely out of the question either. Stay tuned for all the latest on Jussi Seljas and Showdown.