Nipwitz presents: Sarajevo

Published on 02.4.2012 14:44

“Ski movies are boring as hell and we want to change that.” This statement was the starting point for the Nipwitz videoblog. The Nipwitz movies feature a group of highly gifted freestyle skiers: Aarni Toiviainen, B-Squad’s very own Matti Räty, Oskari Raitanen and Tommi Kostilainen. The movies are produced professionally by Flatlight Films, which makes the movies’ quality outstanding.

For their newest movie, the guys from Nipwitz traveled to Sarajevo. In 1992-1996, Sarajevo was a battlefield in the Bosnian War which was the most destructive conflict in Europe since World War II. Thus, Sarajevo is not exactly the most typical destination for a ski movie, but that makes this movie only more special.

See what the guys did and witnessed in Sarajevo:

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