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  • brainmassage

    Nipwitz Brain Massage full ski movie
    Published on 29.12.2014 12:03

    All radical comes to an end.

    After five years, twelve webisodes and over one million views the last ski film project under the name Nipwitz is set to release. The two-year project, entitled Brain Massage, premiered at Helsinki Bio Rex Theatre on the 1st of …

  • kbrkingcobra

    King Cobra full movie by KBR
    Published on 12.11.2014 13:09

    Battery Energy Drink proudly presents snowboarding crew KBR’s 10th movie “King Cobra”.

    The movie features riding by Petrus Koskinen and many other talented riders and it is filmed in Finland, Sweden, Canada and the Alps.

    Check out the free movie here: KBR – KING …

  • Brain Massage

    Nipwitz Brain Massage official trailer
    Published on 08.10.2014 9:34

    All radical comes to an end.

    This fall, after five years, twelve webisodes and over one million views the last ski film project under the name Nipwitz is set to release. The two-year project, entitled Brain Massage, will premiere at Helsinki Bio Rex Theatre on …

  • kbrkingcobra

    KBR King Cobra trailer
    Published on 29.9.2014 6:08

    KBR snowboarding crew has released the trailer for their 10th movie presented by Battery Energy Drink. Features riding by Battery Energy Drink’s Petrus Koskinen and many other familiar faces from the previous KBR movies.

    “It will be a classic snowboarding movie with KBR’s own twist. …

  • 01092014_KrisseTallinna4

    Krisse Aalto wins at Nordic Ladies Drift League
    Published on 29.8.2014 10:48

    Battery Energy Drink’s drift queen Krisse Aalto had a spectacular weekend in Tallinn, Estonia. Coming from a summer shadowed by numerous technical difficulties, victory at Nordic Ladies Drift League event held in challenging street track is a big one for Krisse. On top of …

  • image001-19

    Published on 29.8.2014 10:10

    David: Barcelona & Ibiza

    El Primer día de la llegada a Barcelona fuimos (Irene e yo) al hotel donde pude conocer a los otros ganadores (Riku, Jussi, Merita y Kristian) y miembros del team Battery #SkiingToIbiza (Niklas, Klaus, Matti y Oskari) y organizadores del evento. …

  • 01092014_Elias1

    Elias Ishoel training for the snowcross season
    Published on 28.8.2014 6:36

    Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink Snowcross Team’s Norwegian star Elias Ishoel has spent his summer riding a MX bike.

    “It’s good training and preparation before the snowcross season and competitions” says Elias. He had just finished 2nd in Norwegian Cup in 125cc class with 14 …

  • 10388127_10154219221410284_7018498999633009424_n-2

    #SKIINGTOIBIZA, story of Car 2 Klaus + Niklas
    Published on 27.8.2014 7:22

    The #SkiingToIbiza series was about two carfulls of skiiers, Matti Räty + Oskari Raitanen in Car 1. and Klaus Finne + Niklas Eriksson in Car 2. driving through Europe from the Nordics to Ibiza to attend the grand finale of Gumball 3000 2014.

    This is …

  • image001-18

    #SkiingToIbiza, Story of Car 1 Matti + Oskari
    Published on 21.8.2014 7:45

    The #SkiingToIbiza series was about two carfulls of skiiers, Matti Räty + Oskari Raitanen in Car 1. and Klaus Finne + Niklas Eriksson in Car 2. driving through Europe from the Nordics to Ibiza to attend the grand finale of Gumball 3000 2014.

    This is …

  • 20082014_RemiChamp1

    Remi Nyegaard wins Norwegian MX1 Championship
    Published on 20.8.2014 9:06

    Battery Energy Drink’s local hero Remi Nyegaard from Norway has won the Norwegian MX1 Championship. Remi struggled with bike problems in the last round and finished fourth, but winning the previous two rounds was enough to secure him the championship.

  • 20082014_extremsportveko1

    Klaus Finne hosts summer big air in Norway
    Published on 20.8.2014 6:55

    Battery Energy Drink’s Norwegian freeskier Klaus Finne set up an extraordinary event during the Extreme Sport Week in Voss, Norway. Activities include kayaking, skydiving and mountain biking but Klaus Finne decided to add some extra flavour to the event held in the end of …

  • 19082014_krissewake3

    Kristiina Nyman has never-ending season
    Published on 19.8.2014 9:42

    For most of the people winter season’s final event Wappulounas means a long break from board sports. But after the busy winter Battery Energy Drink’s Kristiina Nyman won’t settle down. This wakeboarding snowboarder heads to the cable parks in Turkey or Asia to get …

  • Battery_nosto_Gumball_2014

    Winners of Battery + Gumball 3000 Instagram competition
    Published on 15.8.2014 13:29

    The Battery Gumball Instagram competition is now over.

    Here are the winner Instagram usernames:
    - markoedfelt
    - pinheadewen
    - terriini
    - iidajuliar
    - nickgendill
    - alk_15
    - _mmerita
    - miguel.14

    Winners, please send your personal details to by 30.08.2014 to claim your prizes.

    We need :
    – Your full name along with your Instagram …


    Gumball winners’ thoughts part 2: Barcelona and Ibiza
    Published on 13.8.2014 9:19

    Riku & Jussi: Barcelona & Ibiza

    Saavuimme Barcelonaan, missä meitä oltiin autolla vastassa. Siitä eteenpäin matka olikin yhtä VIP-biletystä ja maailman legendaarisimpien autojen ihailua. Oli Bugatti Veyronia, Sametti Rollssia, Ferrareita joka makuun ja Porscheja, tietysti.
    Erityisesti Ibizan Pacha jätti jälkensä muistiimme. Kohtalaisen kokoisesta anniskeluravintolasta …

  • 190054_10151273675619381_172788238_n

    The official Weekend Festival Anthem is here
    Published on 11.8.2014 12:13

    The official Weekend Festival Anthem by HeavyWeight DJs is here.
    Check out the video below.
    Made in collaboration with Battery Energy Drink.

    Photo cred. Julius Konttinen

  • 1407686500213

    Efrén Vázquez scores his first ever GP victory
    Published on 11.8.2014 10:26

    Outstanding news from Indianapolis.
    Our bro Efrén Vázquez has won his first ever Grand Prix victory in Moto 3 at The Indianapolis GP yesterday.
    Vázquez slipstreamed past Romano Fenati on the final straight, ultimately winning by 0.065 seconds.

    The biggest of congratulations.

  • Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 11.01.55 AM

    New Remix Released
    Published on 08.8.2014 8:00

    A new flavor of Battery Energy Drink is here. Battery Remix combines strawberry and lime for a refreshing taste and maximum energy.

    In limited stores now. Available throughout Finland from September 2014.

    Go grab yours and keep on going.

  • Battery_original_slim

    Meet the lil’ bro
    Published on 05.8.2014 12:19

    Folks, let us present you the newcomer of the Battery family.
    The Original taste is now available in a slim 0,25 L can.
    Smaller size, same efficiency.

    In limited stores now. Available throughout Finland from September 2014.

    Go grab yours and keep on going.

  • image002-5

    Battery Gumball 3000 competition winners: Teemu’s thoughts about London
    Published on 04.7.2014 11:47

    Pirrpirr, tuntematon numero.

    Viisi minuuttia myöhemmin; Hieroin korviani ja silmiäni, iloinen puhelu tyttöystävälle, “Lähetsie miun kans Lontoosee?!”

    Regent streetillä käppäillessä olo oli vähän absurdi. Kohta tätä katua alas jyristelee sen luokan ajopelejä, joita olin ennen nähnyt vaan klipeissä ja leffoissa. Jon Olsson, Deadmau5, Dirty Sanchesit, Hasselhoff, ketäs …

  • promo8

    Battery energy drink team #113 bike: Yamaha R1 + Jussi Seljas
    Published on 28.5.2014 8:36

    Motorbikes are not exactly the vehicles Gumball 3000 is made for, but Battery Energy Drink wanted to make an exception to that rule in this year’s rally. When such an exception is made, who could be a better man for the job than daredevil …

  • gumball_event_thumbnail

    Battery Energy Drink + Gumball 3000 competitions: the winners
    Published on 26.5.2014 12:01

    These folks just got really lucky. The entrants of the competitions had the chance to win a trip for two to Gumball 3000 grids and parties around the world as Battery Energy Drink VIP guests.

    Let us present you with the lucky winners:

    Riku & Jussi …

  • 20052014_dennis1

    Dennis Todler in Swedish Championship race 2
    Published on 20.5.2014 15:56

    Last weekend Battery Energy Drink MX1 rider Dennis Todler showed that he has the speed it takes to hit the podium. Dennis finished 2nd in the first moto round, but unfortunately he was left behind in the second round and ended up 25th, which was …

  • 14052014_skiingtoibiza1

    Published on 14.5.2014 7:44

    Battery Energy Drink’s Finnish freeskiers Matti Räty and Oskari Raitanen from Nipwitz are teaming up with Niklas Eriksson from Sweden and Klaus Finne from Norway. In the beginning of June the two teams will be rallying through Europe visiting interesting locations and performing  a …

  • 07vazquez_ds-_s1d8983_slideshow_169 copy

    Published on 06.5.2014 8:44

    The Battery RTG Moto team member Éfren Vázquez has once again won a podium spot, this time at the Grand Prix of Spain where he finished second.
    It’s no less than his third podium position this season, which marks the best start of his Grand …

  • image002 (1)

    Jyri Keskiaho 2nd in the Arctic Big Air Nordic Championships
    Published on 22.4.2014 8:36

    Freestyle snowcross rider Jyri Keskiaho scored the second place in the first ever Arctic Big Air Nordic Championships in Levi, Finland.

    “This was my first FSX competition so I’m very happy about my second place. I was riding in mad skilled company.”

    The results:

    • Rasmus Johansson …

  • wappulounas-logo

    2014 Wappulounas is coming
    Published on 17.4.2014 10:54

    Wappulounas is a snowboard-oriented spring festival held in the biggest Finnish ski resort Ruka on April 30th to 4th of May. It gathers together the hottest names and rookies into great season ending festival.

    Five tense days of chilling, partying and meeting friends – old …

  • 02042014_Efren1

    Welcome to the family Efrén Vázquez
    Published on 02.4.2014 9:17

    Battery Energy Drink is proud to welcome our newest family member Efrén Vázquez from Racing Team Germany.

    Efrén was trained in the MotoGP Academy and is one of the most experienced riders in Moto3. He has ridden in MotoGP since 2007.

    In his first season he …

  • 02042014_John1

    Welcome to the family John McPhee
    Published on 02.4.2014 9:12

    Battery Energy Drink is proud to welcome our newest family member John McPhee from Racing Team Germany.

    With a mad keen amateur motocross rider for a father and a former Scottish Road Racing Championship ‘Rookie of the Year’ and BSB Superstock race winner in the …

  • 31032014_EliasSM

    Elias Ishoel wins the Swedish Championship
    Published on 31.3.2014 18:46

    Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink snowcross team rider Elias Ishoel dominated the competition and won the Swedish Champion title.

    Our decorated racer won the Norwegian Championship earlier, so Elias is now holding first places from both championships.

    Big congratulations to Elias.

  • 25032014_EliasValdres

    Elias Ishoel sweeps the podium in Norway
    Published on 25.3.2014 13:39

    Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink snowcross team rider Elias Ishoel had a great weekend at the 2014 Norwegian Championships held in Valdres.

    Elias started things off with a third place finish in supercross on 21st of March. On saturday’s pro stock race he was able …

  • IMG_3878

    #113 Battery energy drink official car in Gumball 3000 in 2014 is…
    Published on 18.3.2014 14:56

    the icon. the embodiment of raw power. the widow maker. the one and only ’66 Shelby Cobra CSX400 427 S/C.
    Original CSX4000 fiberglass body #881 Shelby American
    Modified Shelby GT500 5.4L V8 modular Sean Hyland Motorsport engine
    Kenne Bell Mammoth twin-screw supercharger kit
    Tremec TR 6060 six-speed manual
    Dana …

  • 08032014_Levi1

    Jyri Keskiaho at Levi SnowJam
    Published on 08.3.2014 10:59

    Battery Energy Drink’s FSX rider Jyri Keskiaho was throwing out a big show at Levi SnowJam, a day filled with action. Photo recap by Jani Kärppä / Soul Productions.

  • 05032014_JereEC1

    Jere Tynkkynen reports from Norway’s snowcross EC
    Published on 05.3.2014 13:21

    It was a very difficult weekend in Norway Snowcross European Championships for Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink snowcross rider Jere Tynkkynen. Weekend got a bad start on saturdayas Jere’s sled had an engine failure and there was nothing to do after that point. Broken …

  • BATTERY_GB3000_kollaasi_PATTERN

    Battery energy drink is the official energy drink of gumball 3000 also in 2014. Miami – Atlanta – NY – Edinburgh – London – Paris – Barcelona – Ibiza, 4.-12.6.2014.
    Published on 17.2.2014 13:43

    Stoked to inform that Battery Energy Drink is keeping the world’s most exclusive road trip Gumball 3000 going also in 2014. This unique concept is featuring supercars and superstars, bringing them to the streets and market places, at reach of every car enthusiast and …

  • battery-iced-package-001

    Battery EnergICED – Frozen energy soon available also in Finland
    Published on 13.2.2014 15:23

    Finland is following Chile, Estonia + Latvia and bringing Battery EnergICED, frozen Battery Original flavored energy punch, to the stores. Look after your own very best interests and make sure to grab the frozen treat as soon as they hit the ice-cream freezers in stores …

  • 15012014_EliasIshoel5

    Elias Ishoel reports from Swedish Championship race
    Published on 11.2.2014 17:03

    Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink Snowcross team rider Elias Ishoel was racing in Lima, Sweden at the Swedish Championship race past weekend.

    Elias was able to qualify for the finals, but due to a bad start he really had to work his way up the …

  • 03022014_EliasMora

    Elias Ishoel dramatic loss in Mora, Sweden
    Published on 03.2.2014 9:04

    Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink Snowcross team rider Elias Ishoel was racing in Swedish Championship race past weekend and he was on the run. Elias won the Pro Stock finals, but unfortunately he was disqualified after the race for overtaking other competitors during the …

  • family_ilkka

    Ilkka-Eemeli Laari selected to Sochi
    Published on 27.1.2014 21:19

    Battery Energy Drink snowboarder Ilkka-Eemeli Laari has been selected to represent Finland at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Ilkka-Eemeli will be competing in halfpipe. Qualifying competition is going down on 11th of February, semifinals are on the evening which are followed by the …

  • 27012014_EliasValdres

    Elias Ishoel wins Pro Stock and Pro Open
    Published on 27.1.2014 10:24

    Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink Snowcross team member Elias Ishoel continues strong performances in snowcross races. Past weekend this 16-year-old phenom was able to grab victories both in Pro Stock and Pro Open classes in Mid Norway Championship held in Valdres.

    Next Elias will be …

  • 22012014_JereIntro1

    Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink Snowcross rider Jere Tynkkynen
    Published on 22.1.2014 12:20

    The newest member of Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink Snowcross team is 24-year-old Jere Tynkkynen from Punkaharju, Finland. Jere has been racing in snowcross Sport Class since 2006 and he finished fourth in Finnish Sport Championships in 2010. Now Jere is going for his …

  • 17012014_JonathanIntro1

    Introducing snowmobile rider Jonathan Långdahl
    Published on 21.1.2014 15:28

    Battery Energy Drink welcomes freeride snowmobile rider Jonathan Långdahl from Boliden, Sweden to Sinisalo + Battery Energy Drink Snowcross team. Jonathan is only seventeen years old but he is already an experienced boondocker due to the fact that he has practically grown up with …

  • family_merika

    Merika Enne going to the Olympics
    Published on 21.1.2014 14:32

    Battery Energy Drink snowboarder Merika Enne has been selected to represent Finland at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Merika will be competing in slopestyle. Qualifying competition is going down on 6th of February, semifinals on 9th of February followed by finals later that …

  • 15012014_EliasIshoel5

    Elias Ishoel victorious at Arctic Cat Cup
    Published on 15.1.2014 9:56

    Battery Energy Drink introduces our newest team member, snowcross rider Elias Ishoel from Oppdal, Norway.

    Elias is one of the most promising snowcross riders in the world and he just won the biggest snowcross race in Europe, the Arctic Cat Cup 2014 in Pro Stock …

  • mombasa-kenya

    Battery Energy Drink is now available in Mombasa, Kenya
    Published on 13.1.2014 12:36

    Mombasa, Kenya – welcome to the Battery Energy Drink world map.

  • 12012014_BeltramiDakar1

    Francesco Beltrami in 2014 Dakar
    Published on 12.1.2014 19:01

    After almost one year of hard work and training, the Italian rider Francesco Beltrami was ready to take on the biggest offroad challenge in the world. Taking part for the third time in which is considered to be the toughest event in the world, …

  • 25112013_MerikaSeason1

    Double victory for Merika Enne and Kristiina Nisula at Nanshan Open
    Published on 10.1.2014 14:20

    Battery Energy Drink’s snowboarders were on fire at Nanshan Open in China. Merika Enne grabbed the victory and Kristiina Nisula was second right after her team mate.

    “Yesterday I was riding the whole day and had some troubles with speed and clearing the jumps. But …


    Welcome to the team Oskari Raitanen
    Published on 09.1.2014 17:06

    Battery Energy Drink gives a warm welcome to freeskiing’s urban rail master Oskari Raitanen.

    “I’m super excited to join the Battery Energy Drink family since I like the way things work here and I have many friends in the team. I also appreciate the fact …

  • 13122013_VipBarRelease1

    Introducing VIP Bartenders
    Published on 13.12.2013 10:37

    Battery Energy Drink is announcing the newest collaboration with VIP Bartenders, a well-known group that puts the show in bartending. VIP Bartenders offer high class bartending combined with an entertaining show full of flying bottles, rolling shakers and of course tasty drinks mixed to …

  • Nipwitz

    Battery Energy Drink keeps Nipwitz going
    Published on 10.12.2013 15:18

    Battery Energy Drink teams up with one of the most renowned urban skiing crews in the world. Creative use of urban infrastructure and distinctive trickery is what Nipwitz is known for. Currently Nipwitz is working with their most ambitious production to date with Flatlight …

  • 09122013_KBRcollab2

    KBR and Battery Energy Drink partnership continues
    Published on 08.12.2013 19:27

    Battery Energy Drink is continuing the collaboration with KBR snowboarding crew. KBR’s latest movie “Golden Years” was once again a big success. Winning the Movie of the Year title at the Spine Awards earlier this fall was one of the highlight moments and a …

  • 09122013_SMPLupgrade3

    Welcome to the Global family SMPL
    Published on 08.12.2013 18:14

    Battery Energy Drink welcomes long time local heroes from Sweden to the Global team. SMPL is a clothing brand, skiing crew and a event host known for their relaxed winter and summer events. Lately SMPL joined forces with Kprod skiing group from Sweden who …

  • 05122013_RistoSeason2

    Risto Juujärvi going for another successful season
    Published on 06.12.2013 10:37

    Battery Energy Drink Snowcross athlete Risto Juujärvi did more than well in his races during the 2013 season.

    Season highlights included Finnish Championship title in enduro-sprint, second place in snowcross Finnish Championships, third place in Battle of Nations in Russia, fourth place in enduro European …

  • 28112013_JaimeWake3

    Local hero from Spain second in Spanish Wake Championships
    Published on 28.11.2013 11:26

    16-year-old wakeboarder Jaime Baldo from Benidorm, Spain grabbed his first second place finish in the junior men category at Spanish Wake Championships.

    What makes this result even more spectacular is that Jaime has been wakeboarding only for three seasons, so the future is definitely looking …

  • 20112013_Beltrami1

    Off-road racer going for the Dakar Rally raid
    Published on 20.11.2013 15:37

    Battery Energy Drink introduces Francesco Beltrami. This moto off-road racer comes from northern Italy and we will be supporting him for the 2014 season rallies. Francesco’s journey from Dakar to Australian Safari to Baja California 1000 can be followed here, so be sure to …

  • 18102013_RTGlogo

    Introducing Moto3 Racing Team Germany
    Published on 18.11.2013 12:05

    Battery Energy Drink is a proud supporter of Caretta Technology RTG (Racing Team Germany). Team is competing in the former 125cc class World Championship Grand Prix category, now titled Moto3. Racing Team Germany’s young and dynamic team is an excellent addition to Battery Energy …

  • 15112013_JukkaSeason2

    Jukka Mäennenä’s 2013 season
    Published on 15.11.2013 14:27

    BMX multitalent had a good season with lots of riding days, shows and competitions. Jukka was able to gain some much needed consistency in his trickery and he also expanded his riding into BMX-racing.

    “The national championships did not go exactly as planned since I …

  • 14112013_TuomoSail1

    Tuomo and new Battery Energy Drink sail
    Published on 14.11.2013 12:43

    “The past weeks have been nice and stormy in Gulf of Finland. We have been visiting Estonian surf spots quite often and last Tuesday we really had some awesome waves in Pori, Finland too” comments Tuomo Naalisvaara after the daily surf.

    Looks like the Battery …

  • 14112013_KrisseSeason1

    Drift Queen Krisse Aalto
    Published on 14.11.2013 10:18

    Battery Energy Drink’s daredevil drifter Krisse Aalto sure knows how to tame a beast. Or what do you think? Krisse’s Toyota Soarer is fine tuned to give out 500 horsepowers with the torque of 678 Newton meters. That is about 5 times more than …

  • 13112013_NikiSeason1

    Niki Blässar’s sailing season 2013
    Published on 13.11.2013 13:29

    Promising Battery Energy Drink athlete Niki Blässar is now starting the preparations for the next summer. After a successful competition season Niki and her team have moved their equipment to Las Palmas, Spain where they will be training in December, January and February. Later …

  • 12112013_Libor1

    BMX rider Libor Páleník season report
    Published on 12.11.2013 15:15

    Our Slovakian friend Libor kept himself busy during the past summer. Travelling around the country competing and doing exhibitions almost every weekend doesn’t sound too bad, especially when this talented BMX rider was able to land a handful of podium finishes.

    Libor is already planning …

  • 06112013_SpineKBR2

    KBR Movie of the Year at the Spine Awards
    Published on 06.11.2013 10:01

    Finnish snowboarding crew KBR has been awarded with the Movie of the Year title at 2013 Spine Awards.

    “It feels so good to be awarded”, says B-Unit’s Petrus Koskinen. “We put a lot of effort into the Golden Years movie and getting this kind of …

  • 25102013_Klaus

    Introducing freeskier Klaus Finne
    Published on 30.10.2013 12:31

    Battery Energy Drink is proud to present our newest team member, Norwegian freeskier Klaus Finne.

    23-year-old Klaus has been in the competition scene for 7 years and he has also managed to grab a couple of movie segments under his belt. Klaus is competing in …

  • 28102013_SpineAwards

    Spine Awards 2013 online voting
    Published on 28.10.2013 14:08

    Spine Magazine is awarding bunch of snowboarders, their projects, snowboarding events and more at the 2013 Spine Awards held at Adams 2nd of November.

    Battery Energy Drink is heavily represented in all the categories. Battery sisters Kristiina Nisula and Kristiina Nyman are nominated for Snowboarded …

  • 27102013_KBRmovie3

    KBR’s Golden Years: Volume Three
    Published on 27.10.2013 7:28

    Finnish snowboarding crew KBR released the third and final chapter of their free movie “Golden Years”. The Volume Three features snowboarding by Teo Konttinen, B-Unit’s Petrus Koskinen, Elias Veijola, Sami Luhtanen and Antti Jussila. Definitely some raw snowboarding action not to miss.

    Check out the …

  • 25102013_RemiSeason1

    Remi Nyegaard’s MX season
    Published on 25.10.2013 12:17

    Battery Energy Drink’s Norwegian MX rider had a great start for the 2013 season. After the two first rounds of Swedish MX1 Championship Remi was second in the overall standings.

    But then came the Norwegian Championship series and the first round of races, where Remi …

  • Sinisalo_WANTED_www_crop

    Riders wanted for Battery energy drink + Sinisalo team
    Published on 25.10.2013 8:32

    Are you the master of snowmobile in freestyle, stunt or snowcross? If yes, you might be the one we are looking for.

    Battery Energy Drink and Sinisalo are looking for 1-3 snowmobile aces and/or rising stars for their teams. If you think you have what …

  • 22102013_AnnaSisu

    B-Squad’s Anna reports from Sisu Masters and Nordic Championships
    Published on 22.10.2013 13:38

    “The Sisu Masters competition held in Salmisaari, October 5th 2013 was something we haven’t seen in Finland before. A couple of the best professional climbers in the world came to Finland to challenge the top finnish climbers. The competition venue was an awesome indoor …

  • 20102013_KBRmovie2

    KBR’s Golden Years: Volume Two
    Published on 20.10.2013 10:22

    Finnish snowboarding crew KBR released the second chapter of their free movie “Golden Years”. The Volume Two features snowboarding by Jani Sorasalmi, Niko Länsiö and Sakari Lähdesmäki, who are destroying big jumps and urban features like it is nothing.

    Check out the second chapter here: …

  • 13102013_KBRmovie2

    KBR’s Golden Years: Volume One
    Published on 13.10.2013 12:08

    Finnish snowboarding crew KBR released the first chapter of their free movie “Golden Years”. The Volume One features snowboarding by Janne Lipsanen and Toni Kerkelä, who are doing their thing in the backcountry and streets of Finland.

    Check out the Volume One here:

  • 12102013_NaaliEMV2

    One more wave victory for Tuomo Naalisvaara
    Published on 12.10.2013 21:48

    After winning the Finnish Championship a week ago, Tuomo went after another title this week. One of the best windsurfing spots in northern Europe is located in Ristna, Estonia where EMV 2013 Surfkool Open was held this year.

    The best wave windsurfers of Estonia, Latvia …

  • 10102013_MovieTour6

    KBR Movie Premiere Tour
    Published on 10.10.2013 11:58

    Four cities were lucky to host KBR’s “Golden Years” snowboarding movie. Screenings at Jyväskylä, Oulu, Tampere and Helsinki gathered almost 1000 snowboarding fans in total and in after parties the number of people was nearly doubled.

    Missed the show? No need to worry, since the …

  • 08102013_NaaliSM

    Tuomo Naalisvaara first in the finnish wave championships
    Published on 08.10.2013 12:35

    The finnish windsurfing wave championships went down last weekend in Pori, Finland. Competition day was extremely challenging for 17 competitors. With only sudden gusts of wind here and there, B-Squad’s Tuomo Naalisvaara came out on the top with his big airs and technical wave …

  • wappulounas-logo

    Wappulounas ranked in the top 20 of 2014 snowboarding events
    Published on 06.10.2013 12:31

    Europe’s biggest snowboarding magazine Onboard listed 20 snowboarding events to look for in the upcoming season. The only finnish event to fit in the list with the Olympics, X-Games, US Open and other international events was Wappulounas, hosted by Ruka.

    Wappulounas left behind many of …

  • 04102013_LuddeMX1

    B-Moto Ludde tells about his MX1 experience
    Published on 04.10.2013 13:25

    Earlier this season Battery Energy Drink MX rider Ludde was asked to join IceOne Racing Team for the remaining MX1 season. This meant that B-Moto Ludde had to make a decision and put his thoughts of MX3 aside. Ludde decided to go for bigger …

  • Anna

    B-Squad’s Anna has made strong progression this climbing season
    Published on 23.9.2013 18:48

    Year 2013 has been a great one for our climber Anna Laitinen. She has been climbing in World Cup events, World Championships and lately she challenged her rivals at the European Championships and was very close to a spot at the semifinals. “Competitions are …

  • 20092013_JamieEnduro

    Jamie McCanney 2nd in the final round of Enduro World Championship
    Published on 20.9.2013 15:45

    Jamie McCanney, who had already secured his Youth World Championship title in the beginning of summer, decided to go for bigger challenges in the 2013 final GP in St. Flour, France.

    McCanney moved up to Juniors (U23) class to test his speed for the next …

  • 19092013_TuomoWC

    Tuomo Naalisvaara World Cup report
    Published on 19.9.2013 20:41

    Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA) Wave World Cup in Klitmöller, Denmark went down in challenging conditions for B-Squad’s Tuomo.

    Located in the coastline of the Northsea, Klitmöller has one of the best waves and wind conditions of Europe. That is when the storms from the Atlantic …

  • 16092013_MartyMedia2

    Summer with Marty Media
    Published on 17.9.2013 17:02

    Our local heroes from Norway sure know how to have fun.

    Their latest video shows some laid back goofing and trickery on ground, air and water. Can’t wait to see what these guys are up to next winter.

    Check out the video here:

  • 15092013_Todler

    Dennis Todler wraps up his MX1 season with a podium finish
    Published on 15.9.2013 12:43

    Battery Energy Drink local hero Dennis Todler finished 4th in the overall standings of the 2013 Norwegian National 450 Championship. Podium place at the last race of the season brought Dennis only a one point away from getting 3rd in the overall standings, so …

  • 541748_595972747122083_2096446497_n

    Trailer of the KBR Golden Years snowboarding movie
    Published on 11.9.2013 15:32

    Battery Energy Drink is the proud main sponsor of the newest snowboarding movie by KBR.

    KBR is the biggest and the most renowned finnish snowboarding crew that keeps delivering jaw dropping movies on yearly basis. Their newest production Golden Years is shot in Finland, Central-Europe …

  • segura_04

    Emilio Segura and Ricardo Ranero win rally championship in Llucena
    Published on 10.9.2013 11:09

    Great news from Spain this time.

    On September 7th 2013 the pilot Emilio Segura and his co-driver Ricardo Ranero raced their Peugeot 207 R3T to victory for the second consecutive time at the Llucena Rallysprint.
    The competition was held under challenging conditions, as the first two …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Kristiina Nisula joins the Völkl Snowboards world team
    Published on 28.8.2013 6:52

    Great step for the young Finnish snowboarder’s career. Battery Energy Drink athlete Kristiina Nisula has joined the world team of Völkl Snowboarding.

    For more information and an interview of Battery Sister Kristiina hit

  • 2013_26_08_Konstantinos1

    Published on 26.8.2013 13:49

    Battery Energy Drink local hero Konstantinos Poulopoulos went to the old quarry of Metalia for freeride biking. Quarry is located in Mykonos Island, Greece and it offers wide variety of inspiring riding terrain.

    Photos by Ria Tsilikou.

  • 2013_26_08_Tinghtramppa

    Published on 26.8.2013 7:45

    Double corks with mid-air hat tricks?

    That is just one of the special feats the guys from TINGH Productions are pulling off at their double trampoline setup. Previously known as Steier Productions, these norwegians are pushing the all-round fun lifestyle with their videos.

    Check out the …

  • 2013_22_08_Tanzania

    Published on 23.8.2013 8:49

    Tanzania, welcome to the Battery Energy Drink world map.


  • 2013_20_08_Niki2

    Niki Blässar second in the World Under-21 Championships of sailing
    Published on 20.8.2013 7:24

    More great news from Battery Energy Drink athletes.

    Finnish Niki Blässar has won second place in the Laser Radial-class World Championships of sailing for under 21-year olds. The first place went to German Svenja Weger and Italian Claretta Tempesti sailed to the third position.

    “This feels …

  • 2013_19_08_Svensk Mästare 2013_2

    Tom Söderstöm wins the Swedish national supercross championships 2013
    Published on 19.8.2013 10:40

    Great news from Sweden.

    Rising star B-Moto Tom Söderström won the supercross Swedish Championships in Bollebygd on the 18th of August. The race crowned a long day of heavy motor action, where a crowd of 5000 cheered the champions in sunny weather.

    Contestant Kim Lindstrom took the …

  • 2013_13_08_LuddeIceOne

    Published on 19.8.2013 9:22

    Big news from the MX world.

    B-Moto Ludde will be racing in Kimi Räikkönen’s IceOne Racing team. Having a couple of good starts under his belt Ludde is no stranger to MX1 class, but racing in the toughest series of the game is something B-Moto …

  • 2013_13_08_Iberia

    Published on 13.8.2013 13:13

    Good news to the Battery Energy Drink fans in Andorra, Portugal and Spain.

    Battery Energy Drink is now available in every country of the Iberian Peninsula from the mountains of the Pyrenees to the beaches and islands of Spain & Portugal. Selection includes Battery Original, …

  • 2013_22_07_LuddeUkraine

    Published on 22.7.2013 13:29

    After a hard MX1 race in Finland B-Moto Ludde headed over to Ukraine with his mechanic. Bad luck seems to be following them as their van broke down in the middle of Romania. Like that wasn’t enough their new ride from the organizer decided …

  • 2013_22_07_LuddeFIN

    Published on 22.7.2013 12:22

    Home Grand Prix in Hyvinkää, Finland was a rollercoaster for B-Moto Ludde. After setting an excellent 16th time in free training B-Moto Ludde went through some big troubles with his engine and he had to change to his second bike for the qualifying race. …

  • 2013_22_07_Niki_Blässar

    Supporting Niki Blässar
    Published on 22.7.2013 11:14

    Battery Energy Drink is part of Sinebrychoff and we are proud to support promising finnish athlete Niki Blässar.

    Niki is an 18-year-old sailor in the Finnish Youth National Team and her long-term goals are to win a medal at the Olympic Games and to sail …

  • 22072013_FiskerKarma

    Battery Energy Drink Fisker Karma
    Published on 22.7.2013 9:09

    Battery Energy Drink branded Fisker Karma was photographed by Juha Dahlbo ( in F2 World Championship race in Stockholm, Sweden the 15-16th June, 2013.

  • 22072013_LuddeLatvia

    Published on 22.7.2013 8:30

    Normally Ludde Söderberg rides the MX3 world championship. Going back to 2011 in his rookie GP year he rode the MX2 season (25th overall) but he never got to start in a MX1 event. Pushing for a wildcard at his home MX1 race at …

  • jamie_mccanney_world_champion

    Published on 03.7.2013 13:43

    Battery Energy Drink warmly welcomes UK enduro rider Jamie McCanney. McCanney has secured his Youth Enduro World Championship title before the season has even finished winning seven races of the series.

    Jamie McCanney is a 19-year-old enduro racer and he is riding for the Husaberg …

  • IMG_1997

    Published on 02.7.2013 6:10

    You might have seen Battery Energy Drink athletes rocking our new gear, so we would like to present our 2013 sponsored range at its fullest.

    Once again Battery Energy Drink teamed up with CTRL Clothing for our 2013 sponsored gear range. Athletes in mind CTRL’s …

  • 2013_28_06_Lucas

    Published on 28.6.2013 10:44

    Battery Energy Drink gives a warm welcome to our new local heroes from Skellefteå, Sweden. Freeskiers Erik Forsell, 19, and Lucas Hedlund, 16, have both been freeskiing more seriously for about three years after almost a life long skiing background.

    Guys enjoy freeskiing at its …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Published on 28.6.2013 9:44

    B-Moto Ludde is 7th in the World Championship standings after the moto in Maggiora, Italy. Well deserved midsummer break couldn’t have gotten any more dramatic start when B-Moto Ludde’s and mechanic Jani’s van decided to blow it’s engine with a bang. Guys missed their …

  • 2013_20_06_Sinisalo

    Published on 21.6.2013 10:28

    Team Sinisalo had a great race weekend in Maggiora, Italy.

    While there was no qualification race, one fast lap decided the starting positions to the gate. Sinisalo riders went on full gas and Petr Smitka qualified in 4th, B-Moto Ludde in 8th and Christian Brockel …

  • KawasakiRacingTeamFin

    Published on 20.6.2013 10:36

    Battery Energy Drink is proud to announce a new collaboration with Kawasaki Racing Team. Nine riders of the team are competing in finnish enduro and motocross series.

    Kawasaki Racing Team consist of seasoned racers and rising stars. Battery Energy Drink supports team riders’ efforts in …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Published on 19.6.2013 11:56

    From Slovenia the MX3 riders continued to Maggiora in northern Italy. “Maggiora is a spectacular track with big hills and technical stuff which I like so I hope for the best” said B-Moto Ludde.

    After his hospital visit last week B-Moto Ludde got his injury …

  • MartyMedia

    Published on 18.6.2013 10:51

    Marty Media is a group of enthusiastic freeskiers from Trysil, Norway.

    These new local heroes publish online freeskiing videos, latest being “What We Do” webisode series released past winter. The next season Marty Media is planning to continue filming webisodes and having while doing it.

    All …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Published on 18.6.2013 10:49

    B-Squad windsurfer Tuomo Naalisvaara is preparing for the 2013 World Cup circuit.

    The first competition of the tour is only a few weeks away, when the tour begins with a World Cup event in Gran Canaria in July 9th. B-Squad’s Tuomo will be looking at …

  • reminyegaard

    Published on 17.6.2013 12:01

    Battery Energy Drink welcomes Remi Nyegaard, a promising MX2 class rider from Norway.

    Remi rides in Team Green Kawasaki Sweden and is a two time national champion of Norway in motocross. In 2013 season Remi’s main focus is on Swedish and Norwegian championship series in …

  • shepherdsofficial

    Published on 17.6.2013 8:53

    Battery Energy Drink is proud to announce the newest addition to their music roster, a heavy metal band hailing from Hong Kong.

    Shepherds the Weak (STW) is the oldest and the most renowned heavy metal band in Hong Kong. They have gained a strong fan …

  • Ludde_stitched_up_and_ready_to_leave_First_Aid_at_the_Maribor_hospital

    Published on 12.6.2013 9:14

    The MX3 stars continued their battle for World Championship points at the impressive natural Orehova Vas circuit near Maribor, one of the regular international motocross tracks.

    After a faultless free practice B-Moto Ludde had problems in the qualifying race. “I was ok from the gate …

  • B-Stiga4

    Published on 12.6.2013 9:04

    Battery Energy Drink Gumball 3000 –trophy was intended to be given out in the award dinner in Monte Carlo. But apparently it was too hot and got nicked. Disappeared to thin air. Which is why we had to come back home to make a …

  • gummball_NEWS

    The Take Your Best Shot –competition is over.
    Published on 31.5.2013 6:00

    Thanks for participating. It is now time to announce the winners.

    If you see your Instagram username on the list below, you can claim your prize by sending your personal information (first and last names, age, Instagram username, information where the picture was taken and …

  • Battery_iPhone_case

    The Gumball3000 is truly a family
    Published on 21.5.2013 9:18

    We would like to say special thanks to Gumball 3000’s friends at Incipio who provided us with these amazing Battery energy drink + Gumball 3000 iPhone cases. We’ll be spreading the goodies to those around us, so if you would like to get one …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Published on 02.4.2013 9:42

    Our B-Moto Team Member, Krisse Aalto is preparing for an active season of drifting events this year. Her main goal is to achieve a good result in the Finnish Drift Open (FDO) ProStreet Class. There are also several other shows and events that she …

  • battery_jungled_news

    Published on 28.3.2013 12:18

    Get a taste of the exotic with the brand new Battery Jungled (known to our friends in Norway as Battery FRSH). Battery Jungled packs the same familiar energy punch as all Battery products, but at the same time introduces a new fruity and refreshing …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Jukka Viljanen (B-Hydro) is off to conquer Greenland
    Published on 28.3.2013 11:41

    Adventure runner and B-Hydro representative, Jukka Viljanen has announced that he will be embarking on an extreme and grueling run across the entire Greenland icecap in April/May. Jukka will be joined by fellow adventure runner Greg Maud. The pair will attempt to be the …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Published on 22.3.2013 12:55

    The ten-week Black Tab Campaign has finally reached its end and the competition page has been shut down. Congratulations to all of our lucky winners. Enjoy your goodies.


    We would like to thank our friends and customers for all of the over 70 000 entries …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab edition, week 10
    Published on 22.3.2013 9:53

    Competition Week 10: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one of the weekly prizes (iPhone 5). …

  • MainBRC

    Battery Energy Drink Powers BRC
    Published on 21.3.2013 13:30

    We are pleased to announce that Energy Drinks Ltd (EDinc) has been appointed as the Official Energy Drink Supplier to the 2013 MSA British Rally Championship promoting the Battery Energy Drink range.


    In addition to providing BRC and NGK Spark Plugs BRC Challenge competitors with energy …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab edition, week 9
    Published on 18.3.2013 7:44

    Enter @ Black Tab competition

    Competition Week 9: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one of the …

  • backdrop

    Battery Energy Drink is energising the 2013 WulfSport British Masters MX Championship in the UK
    Published on 14.3.2013 13:22

    The WulfSport British Masters is arguably the UK’s biggest motor-cross championship series, and after a successful year working with the organisers, we are happy to announce that Battery Energy Drink will continue to be the official energy drink  for 2013 as well as title …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab edition, week 8
    Published on 11.3.2013 8:00

    Enter @ Black Tab competition

    Competition Week 8: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one of the …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab edition, week 7
    Published on 04.3.2013 7:55

    Enter @ Black Tab competition

    Competition Week 7: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one of the …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab edition, week 6
    Published on 25.2.2013 10:41

    Enter @ Black Tab competition

    Competition Week 6: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one of the …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab edition, week 5
    Published on 18.2.2013 14:17

    Enter @ Black Tab competition

    Competition Week 5: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one …

  • LUDDE super action

    Ludde Söderberg report World Championship 2013
    Published on 12.2.2013 9:48

    Ludde Söderberg: his California dream is over

    Back from his California trip Ludde felt strong and positive. He was looking forward to his first race of the year, earlier than usual but with many hours of training behind him in America he was in shape …

  • Ivar K

    Ivar Kruusenberg takes the gold
    Published on 12.2.2013 8:20

    The Estonian Snowboarding Championships were held on the 2nd of February on the slopes of the Kuutsemäe Ski Resort. It was our good friend Ivar Kruusenberg that walked away with the national championship title and the gold metal. The championship tasted even sweeter as …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab edition, week 4
    Published on 11.2.2013 9:03

    Enter @ Black Tab competition


    Competition Week 4: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one of the …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab edition, week 3
    Published on 04.2.2013 13:02

    Enter @ Black Tab competition


    Competition Week 3: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one of …

  • ludde

    Ludde Söderberg report world championships 2013
    Published on 30.1.2013 12:57

    It has been a while since you have heard from Ludde, but now that the new season is at our doorstep so here we go again. Find out what he has been up to since the start of the year.

    Ludde has just returned from …

  • seljas

    Seljas Showdown now on the Extreme Sports channel
    Published on 29.1.2013 12:56

    The new adrenaline packed reality-based stunt TV Series, Seljas Showdown kicks off on the Extreme Sports channel tonight (January 29th). In the series, viewers can follow the life of a Finnish FMX professional and adrenaline junkie Jussi Seljas who is always on the hunt …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab edition, week 2
    Published on 28.1.2013 12:52

    Competition Week 2: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one of the weekly prizes (iPhone …

  • blacktab_NEWS-220x206

    Battery Energy Drink Black Tab Edition, week 1
    Published on 22.1.2013 12:35

    Competition Week 1: Our friends in Finland are in the midst of a frenzied 10-week competition. The black tabs of the limited edition promotional cans hold codes that just might earn you one of 10 daily prizes or one of the weekly prizes (iPhone …

  • gummball_NEWS

    Battery Energy Drink keeps Gumball 3000 going
    Published on 13.12.2012 12:33

    Gumball 3000 – the road trip with superstars, rock’n’roll, supercars and most glamorous parties – tours Europe in May 2013. Battery Energy Drink is the official energy drink of Gumball 3000 lifestyle rally.

    Freshly returned from the 2012 tour de force of the USA, Gumball …

  • wappulounas-2012

    Wappulounas: the event of the year 2012
    Published on 12.12.2012 12:25

    Slammer Gala has chosen the Wappulounas as the snowboarding event of the year 2012. Battery’s Wappulounas has received the most votes from the public 4 years in a row.

    Let’s see if we can make it to the top spot next year as well.

    Check the …

  • dennis-the-local-hero

    Dennis the local hero
    Published on 10.12.2012 12:23

    Battery is pleased to introduce Dennis Todler from Klofta, Norway as a new local hero.

    Dennis rides a Yamaha 450 in MX1 class and has won several club championships. This year Dennis ranked 14th in the Norwegian National 450 Championship, due to engine failure, and …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Antti Pyrhönen exclusive interview
    Published on 03.12.2012 12:21

    The MX3 Youthstream released an exclusive video, telling the history of one of the greatest professional MX riders in the world.

    Here is the story of Antti Pyrhönen.

  • nightwish_fb_520pix_bra-update

    Nightwish in Brazil – The Competition is Live
    Published on 28.11.2012 12:45

    Be advised and check out Battery Energy Drink Facebook page to win an opportunity to win an unforgettable night with Nightwish.

    Click here or the link below.

    Good luck.

  • bujaka

    Q & A with Paavo Lötjönen from Apocalyptica
    Published on 26.11.2012 6:37

    Where did you grow up?

    I was born to music family where both parents were professional musicians. We were living in Espoo, next city west from Helsinki, 20-minute drive from capital centre. That’s a hood with lots of nature around.

    When and why did you start …

  • Perttu_Battery

    Q & A with Perttu Kivilaakso from Apocalyptica
    Published on 26.11.2012 6:33

    Where did you grow up?

    I grew up in Eastern-Helsinki, but let’s rather say I should have “grown up” at least a bit more. I haven’t grown up yet, and am not intending to do so.

    When and why did you start to play the …

  • Soldier Ludde

    Ludde is in the army now
    Published on 22.11.2012 6:40

    Ludde’s motocross races are over for the year 2012, because he is serving his country at the moment until next April.

    Ludde send his greeting from the depths of the Finnish forests:

    “….For some people the army may sound negative, I say the army is good …

  • battery_+b_damaged_logo

    Battery in Kuwait
    Published on 21.11.2012 10:59

    Battery Original will be available in major Kuwaiti residential supermarkets soon. Remember to go and check them out in the beverages sections.

  • 602357_111970998965642_364934966_n

    Apocalyptica to be part of ”Wagner Reloaded”
    Published on 16.11.2012 8:05

    In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Richard Wagner in Leipzig, Apocalyptica has a very special musical and visual firework for all of you.

    Go and visit Apocalyptica’s new fan page “Wagner Reloaded” with current information and images for sharing and downloading.


  • skegness-posters-2012-final-1

    Skegness Beach Race 2012
    Published on 14.11.2012 12:21

    Battery Energy Drink is proud to be powering the 3rd annual Skegness Beach Race.

    This epic event attracts over 500 riders of all classes to take on the challenging and professionally built beach track designed and organised by Ken Winstanley and the AMCA British Masters …

  • Morten

    Twintipping with Morten
    Published on 12.11.2012 6:06

    Battery is proud to introduce Morten T. Bragerhaug, a new local hero, from Valdres, Norway.

    Morten is 21 years old and has already grown a great reputation through some competitions in Trysil, Vaset and Aurdal.

    “Go big or go home” is the motto by which Morten …

  • IMG_9579

    Snowmobile enduro racing with Mikko Laine
    Published on 09.11.2012 6:52

    Winter is coming and we at Battery HQ are ready to get the hands-on experience of every snow sport where we are involved.

    We had a opportunity to have an brief Q & A with our snowmobile enduro racer Mikko Laine.

    Q: Tell everyone a brief …

  • batterymobo2012bed

    Published on 01.11.2012 11:15

    Battery Energy Drink is proud to energize people in the exc. seating area, backstage and also the dressing rooms in the MOBO Awards 2012.

    Founded in 1996, the MOBO Organisation was established by Kanya King MBE to recognise the outstanding achievements of artists who perform music …

  • SM-Kisat pajalla.

    Anna Laitinen wins Finnish championship
    Published on 23.10.2012 5:12

    Anna Laitinen won the Bouldering Finnish championship competition which was held in Jyväskylä 13.10.2012.

    Here’s a little Q & A about Anna :

    What are your feelings at the moment: considering your career (are there more competitions in 2012), your health and your free time?

    “I’m feeling superb …

  • timthumb

    KBR Productions presents: Snake Bite
    Published on 16.10.2012 9:55

    The 5th snowboard movie from KBR Productions hits the slopes 5.11.2012.

    Watch the preview of the highly anticipated Snake Bite:

    Get yours.

  • Tom

    Thoughts from Tom Söderström
    Published on 15.10.2012 5:19

    We had an opportunity to ask Tom about his races for the rest of the year 2012 and about his future plans. Here is what Tom had to say:

    “The training is hard, but I am doing my rehab training two times a day and …


    Antti Pyrhönen joins ICE1Racing Team
    Published on 09.10.2012 12:57

    ICE1Racing motocross team owned by Kimi Räikkönen, has made a contract with Antti Pyrhönen, who has just ended his career as a MX racer.

    Pyrhönen starts as a team manager with lots of confidence and desire to bring this motocross team one step further in …

  • Cover_Apocalyptica_7th Symphony

    Apocalyptica on a well deserved break
    Published on 05.10.2012 8:27

    The cult band Apocalyptica has announced that they are, give or take, on a year long break which is the first after 16 years of active gigging and songwriting.

    The decision was carefully planned and it’s purpose is to help creating new ideas to the …

  • Slammer

    Slammer Gala
    Published on 04.10.2012 11:40

    The annual “Oscars of snowboarding” Slammer gala is here!

    We are proud to announce that some of the Battery team athletes are nominated: Hebe, Joel, Petrus, Ile, Kristiina Nisula, Merika and our family projects KBR/Snake Bite, Wappulounas, Battery Cat Fight and Tahko SFO!

    Pick your winner …

  • fos12

    Tuomo Naalisvaara’s competition update from Sylt, Germany
    Published on 03.10.2012 7:51

    B-Squad’s very own Tuomo Naalisvaara took part in the men’s wave contest, but it was  Philip Köster who eventually walked away with the win. Tuomo won his first heat in the Wave competition, taking him into the next round where he was to face stiff …

  • Nightwish_Group_HiRes

    Nightwish and Anette Olzon part ways
    Published on 02.10.2012 7:57

    Nightwish has issued a statement informing us that Nightwish and lead vocalist Anette Olson have decided to part ways in a mutual understanding and on good terms. The band cites irreconcilable differences in direction and ambitions.

    The band is still full of positive energy, and …


    Antti Pyrhönen and Ludde Söderberg Race report: Lommel, Belgium
    Published on 02.10.2012 7:53

    Motocross of Nations

    The world’s best motocross racers including the ”big bucks” American stars came to Lommel, Belgium to compete against another 32 teams in the Motocross of Nations, a team race for national teams of 3 riders.

    Team Finland in the big race

    Team Finland, winner …

  • la foto 3

    Fancy some frozen Battery Energy Drink?
    Published on 27.9.2012 17:37

    In Chile, Battery Energy Drink is no longer available JUST in liquid form, since BATTERY ENERGYICED is hitting the freezers in stores soon.

    Go and get yourself some frozen energy.

  • MX-kisa

    Published on 26.9.2012 9:58

    Battery Energy Drink’s motocross online competition “OFF ROAD, ON POINT” received almost 2 500 applications from Costa Rica, South Africa, Namibia and Slovakia.

    The main prize was a trip to an MX3 WC race in Teutschenthal, Germany, on September 22nd-23rd. B-Moto’s very own Ludde Söderberg …

  • Ludde preparing for the last World Championship race

    Published on 24.9.2012 7:54


    The 2012 MX3 World Championship had its final event of the year at the Teutschenthal track in eastern Germany with all classes in action.

    For the AP24RACING Team rider Ludde Söderberg, it was the last opportunity to score …


    Nightwish meet & greet in Trondheim, Norway
    Published on 18.9.2012 12:07

    Battery Energy Drink is the official energy drink of Nightwish on the Imaginaerum World Tour in 2012. In celebration of the Nighwish tour hitting Norway, Battery Energy Drink offered Norwegian Nightwish fans the chance to win tickets to see Nightwish in Trondheim on August …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    B-Moto’s Antti Pyrhönen says goodbye to motocross
    Published on 13.9.2012 12:54

    13 September 2012

    Dear friends and fans,

    During the past 12 years I have been active and successful in international motocross. While still being Finland’s best racer, now is the moment to announce that I had my last race on the 18th of August at Matterley Basin …


    Published on 12.9.2012 8:02

    This season, Finnish youngster Ludde Söderberg made the switch from Kimi’s IceOne Team to Antti Pyrhönen’s AP24RACING Team and began his collaboration with Battery Energy Drink.

    After the recent MX3 race in England we sat down with Ludde. England and especially the fast and technical …

  • JARI2144

    The off-road trophy team FS Motorsport Finland competed in Estonia
    Published on 12.9.2012 7:39

    Battery Energy Drink’s local heroes from Finland, the off-road trophy team FS Motorsport Finland, were invited to compete in Estonia at the Nissan Klaperjaht 2012 off-road endurance race. The Klaperjaht 2012 took place in Valga, at the Jaanikese Motokeskus. As always in good races, …

  • Ruotsi-nosto

    Ready, steady, go. Battery Energy Drink kicks it up a notch in Sweden.
    Published on 04.9.2012 7:23

    Battery Energy Drink kicks it up a notch in Sweden by increasing the availability of the Original and Sugarfree 33cl cans in selected stores of the food chains ICA, COOP and AXFOOD nationwide.

    The good news just keep on coming, since the Battery product family …

  • DSC_0257

    Battery Energy Drink energizes the Norwegian party scene
    Published on 30.8.2012 7:11

    Battery Energy Drink energizes the Norwegian party scene by collaborating with the record label Ministry of Sound. The Ministry of Sound events have been held at popular nightclubs in Norway all year long:

    12/04 Ish Club, Oslo
    27/04 NullToll, Skien
    25/05 Paparazzi, Tönsberg
    30/06 Privat Bar & Cafe, …

  • IMG_2175a - Kopia

    Meet Battery Energy Drink’s newest local hero from Sweden, Joakim Juhlin
    Published on 29.8.2012 7:54

    Joakim Juhlin is a 24-year-old rising star in extreme skiing aka. “terrain park” from Stockholm, Sweden. Juhlin is more than just a talented guy on a pair of skis, since he has made a name for himself in the field of ski movies as …

  • Battery Surf Camp

    Get in the mood for next year’s Battery Surf Camp
    Published on 28.8.2012 15:44

    The 14th traditional surfing event Battery Surf Camp was held in Roosta Holiday Village on July 11th-15th July 2012. The event attracted more than 2 000 people to the Roosta beach on five subsequent days. For the first time in the history of Estonian …

  • Libor

    A new edit by our local hero Libor Páleník
    Published on 27.8.2012 14:17

    Check out this new edit by Battery Energy Drink’s local hero from Slovakia, Libor Páleník. This 18-year-old freestyle BMX rider has been scoring good results in Slovakian competitions all year long and is also planning to attend some competitions in the Czech Republic in …

  • MX Facebook flyer

    The MX competition “OFF ROAD, ON POINT” has ended
    Published on 27.8.2012 13:54

    Battery Energy Drink’s motocross online competition “OFF ROAD, ON POINT” has now ended. Thank you for the many entries.

    The winner of the main prize, a trip to an MX3 WC race in Germany, will be contacted via email by August 31st, 2012. The main …

  • 3

    Kostantinos kicks ass in MTB
    Published on 22.8.2012 9:20

    Meet our friend Konstantinos Poulopoulos from Greece. This mountain bike rider and Battery enthusiast sure knows how to move his bike – and get great shots of the action.


    Published on 21.8.2012 16:55


    “Another disappointment, what happened here is more or less symptomatic for this year’s races,” said Antti Pyrhönen after his races in England.

    Antti had been training hard in recent weeks, he was second fastest in practice on the technical …

  • Hydro_can2011_lightning

    Buckle up, Costa Rica. Battery Hydro is now available in stores.
    Published on 20.8.2012 10:00

    Battery friends in Costa Rica will be happy to hear that the Battery Energy Drink product family is growing. The Battery Hydro 33cl can is joining Battery Original, Sugarfree and Gingered on store shelves all over the country.

    With the launch of Battery Hydro, a …


    Published on 16.8.2012 7:27

    Dear friends,

    This summer, I am spending quality time in Finland between the last race in Slovakia and the next in England. One week before Matterley Basin – where we join the MX1 and MX2 riders August 19 – we have a third SX round …

  • WP_000245

    A MINI goes Battery in Finland
    Published on 07.8.2012 12:04

    Some people just love Battery Energy Drink. We are truly impressed and touched by the enthusiasm of this particular fan from Kokkola, Finland, who branded his MINI in celebration of Battery Energy Drink.

    Check out this extremely cool ride.

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    B-Squad’s Jukka Mäennenä in action
    Published on 07.8.2012 11:53

    Check out BMX rider Jukka Mäennenä’s newest film that shows him riding at the Keskustori Ramp Jam! in Tampere, Finland, at the end of July.

    Unfortunately, this sport isn’t just fun and games, as Mäennenä injured himself last month. But don’t worry, this B-Squad member will be …

  • Battery ja Apo -logo

    Apocalyptica meet & greet at the Ilosaarirock festival in Finland
    Published on 03.8.2012 13:23

    Battery Energy Drink is the official energy drink of Apocalyptica. Their unique brand of music – that combines heavy metal with classical cello music – gave birth to a new genre, cello metal. With over 4 million albums sold worldwide, they are one of …

  • Brasilia lanseeraus

    Good news, Brazil. Battery Energy Drink is now available in Brazil as well.
    Published on 01.8.2012 8:00

    Battery friends in Brazil will be glad to hear that Battery Energy Drink is now available in the areas surrounding São Paulo. This is just the first wave of the launch − the rest of Brazil will follow later. The Battery Original 350ml can …

  • _MG_7781

    Nightwish meet & greet at the Ruisrock festival in Finland
    Published on 17.7.2012 9:32

    Battery Energy Drink is the official energy drink of Nightwish on the Imaginaerum World Tour in 2012. In celebration of the Nighwish design can, Battery Energy Drink offered Finnish Nightwish fans the chance to win tickets to see Nightwish at the music festival Ruisrock …

  • Battery ja Apo -logo

    Apocalyptica’s gig in Tallinn, Estonia, on August 3rd has been cancelled
    Published on 10.7.2012 18:09

    We are as disappointed as you guys about Apocalyptica’s gig cancellation in Estonia. This unfortunately means that there are no winners in the Battery Energy Drink & Apocalyptica competition either. As a consolation, we will raffle some of Apocalyptica’s ”7th Symphony” CDs among those …

  • 120308 Wulfsports 2012-britmasters-flyer-highres-copy

    Published on 10.7.2012 8:54


    After missing the previous round at Hawkstone Park, Pro stars Kristian Whatley and Neville Bradshaw were back in AMCA Wulfsport British Masters action last weekend, in the process bagging the respective overall wins in the Battery Energy Drink supported MX1 and …

  • 120704 VaMu racing

    Meet drag racing team VaMu Racing, our local heroes from Finland
    Published on 05.7.2012 6:57

    VaMu Racing is a Finnish drag racing team put together by a group of daredevils with a sense of humor that is displayed in their crazy bikes. These guys have been bike enthusiasts since the 1980s, but decided to make their love for drag racing official in …


    B-Moto’s Antti Pyrhönen is now 5th in MX3 World Championship
    Published on 02.7.2012 10:24


    The village of Senkvice …

  • 120702 MX 1  Uddevalla

    B-Moto’s Tom Söderström raced in Uddevalla, Sweden
    Published on 02.7.2012 9:46

    B-Moto’s Tom Söderström headed back to his home country Sweden to race in Uddevalla over the weekend in yet another MX1 World Championship race. The Swedish round was one of the toughest of the season for the young riders because the track conditions of …

  • Nipwitz2011_1

    Nipwitz presents: Russia
    Published on 25.6.2012 13:23

    For their newest movie, the guys from Nipwitz traveled to Murmansk Oblast in Russia. Russia provided the perfect setting for an unforgettable urban skiing adventure.

    “Ski movies are boring as hell and we want to change that.” This statement was the starting point for the …

  • Krisse Aalto in Kemora

    Published on 25.6.2012 11:35

    Finland’s first female drifting driver and proud B-Moto member Krisse Aalto has had a great start to her summer.

    In the second round of the Finnish Drift Open in Kemora, Finland, Krisse came in first in the Street series and third in the ProStreet series …

  • B-Moto Ludde S

    Sinisalo presents the young and talented Ludde Söderberg
    Published on 18.6.2012 8:45

    Being a motocross rider, travelling around Europe for the MX3 World Championship takes a lot more than just sling your leg over your bike and riding two motos. After one year in MX2 with Kimi Raikkonen’s IceOne Racing Team, Ludde Söderberg is now riding …

  • Battery_energized- logo

    AMCA Wulfsport British Masters (round 4) at Hawkstone Park
    Published on 15.6.2012 8:02

    Another AMCA Wulfsport British Masters weekend and yet more wet weather. After rain had wreaked havoc at Mallory and caused cancellation at Whitby, the big watering can in the sky then attempted to ruin day two at Hawkstone Park last weekend during round four. …

  • AP24RACING duo at the starting gate

    B-Moto´s Antti Pyrhönen and Ludde Söderberg Race Report MX3 2012
    Published on 11.6.2012 13:08


    The village of Orehova Vas –just outside Maribor near the Austrian border- has been the venue for international motocross events and for many riders it is one of the nicest tracks in Europe. It is all natural terrain with a …

  • NWE Out Of The Ashes Poster

    UK festival energized by Battery Energy Drink
    Published on 06.6.2012 15:53

    The 2012 ‘Out of the Ashes’ festival took place on the 1st and 2nd of June. 20+ bands played on the outdoor Battery Energy Drink stage with a good mix of styles from classic rock to metal and punk.

    The stage was very busy right …

  • 120308 Wulfsports 2012-britmasters-flyer-highres-copy

    Published on 29.5.2012 9:10


    Following the fun of Foxhills, and the major disappointment of the Whitby cancellation due to wet weather, it’s time for the AMCA Wulfsport British Masters to blast back into action. And what a meeting it promises to be as the series arrives …


    Nightwish competition winner Johanna got to meet & greet Nightwish in Göteborg, Sweden
    Published on 28.5.2012 6:57

    Battery Energy Drink is the official energy drink of Nightwish on their “Imaginaerum” world tour in 2012. In celebration of this collaboration, Battery Energy Drink organized a Nightwish competition at The prize was becoming a Battery Energy Drink VIP guest at the …


    B-Moto’s Antti Pyrhönen came in 2nd in Hyvinkää’s SuperCross
    Published on 28.5.2012 6:15

    B-Moto’s Antti Pyrhönen and Ludde Söderberg are back in Finland after having been on the MX3 Word Championship circuit around Europe. The guys competed in one the Finnish Championship races in SuperCross in Hyvinkää on Saturday and Sunday, May 26th and 27th. Both Pyrhönen …

  • JARI2144

    Meet Battery Energy Drink’s newest local heroes from Finland, the off-road trophy team FS Motorsport Finland
    Published on 25.5.2012 11:58

    Meet Battery Energy Drink’s newest local heroes from Finland, the off-road trophy team FS Motorsport Finland. Family-owned FS Motorsport Finland has been racing around Finland, Estonia and Russia for the last 5 years. The team consists of 8-10 people – driver, co-driver, a bunch …

  • Antti doing his best

    Published on 21.5.2012 13:08



    From the bone hard racetrack in Bulgaria the MX3 circus moved to another place in another country. Venue for round 4 of the 2012 World Championship was the rock …

  • Kprod-logo

    Kprod at Ruka Spring Break 2012
    Published on 16.5.2012 11:51

    Ruka Spring Break would be nothing without Battery Energy Drink’s sponsored athletes. This year, we offered our local heroes from Sweden, freestyle skiers Kprod and SMPL, the opportunity to experience Ruka Spring Break. Both Kprod and SMPL got to compete against B-Unit’s snowboarders, the …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Published on 14.5.2012 11:47


    Before the AP24TEAM members Pyrhönen and Söderberg made the trip to round three of the MX3 World Championship in Bulgaria there was work to do in the 4 weeks break between this race and the previous one in France.

    “We needed to …

  • venaja nosto

    Battery Original and Battery Cranberry Juiced are now available in the great St. Petersburg area
    Published on 11.5.2012 13:11

    Battery Energy Drink is making a comeback to Russia with Battery Original and Battery Cranberry Juiced. Both variants are manufactured in Finland. Battery Original and Battery Cranberry Juiced are now available in the great St. Petersburg area. Enjoy.

  • 6-pack nosto

    The Battery home edition is now available in Finland and in Norway
    Published on 11.5.2012 12:43

    The Battery Energy Drink product family has grown in Finland and in Norway. The Battery Original 33cl can 6-pack is now available in larger supermarkets in Finland, whereas its distribution in Norway focuses on selected grocery chains.

    Get your own Battery home edition to keep …

  • Betraeus

    Betraeus release new video and tour in the UK
    Published on 10.5.2012 11:44

    Betraeus are a Battery Energy Drink endorsed band from the UK and are currently on a UK tour with ‘Scar Symmetry’, ‘Xerath’ and ‘Deals Death’.  Dates on this tour are already selling out.

    The band’s newest tour dates are:

    10 May – Moho – Manchester
    11 May …

  • 120308 Wulfsports 2012-britmasters-flyer-highres-copy

    Published on 10.5.2012 10:01


    Following the fun of Foxhills,  it’s time to hit the road for the long journey North,  destination the spectacular Skelder Bank circuit at Whitby and round three of the super AMCA Wulfsport British Masters. After two great meetings already completed, Battery Energy …

  • BAT_Poster_HU

    An Ode to those who keep on going
    Published on 10.5.2012 9:18

    Battery Energy Drink is singing odes in its new marketing campaigns. Why, you may ask? Because Battery Energy Drink wishes to applaud those individuals who are willing to go the extra mile for their passion, be it skateboarding, snowboarding, cars, music or whatever.  The …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Look out for a cardboard Antti Pyrhönen at ST1 and Shell gas stations in Finland
    Published on 07.5.2012 8:56

    If you happen to be on the road in Finland, look out for a cardboard Antti Pyrhönen at ST1 and Shell gas stations. This cardboard image of B’Moto’s Antti Pyrhönen is visible at 100 ST1 and Shell gas stations allover the country. At those …

  • KBR_SNAKE_BITE_facebook_2

    KBR presents: Snake Bite
    Published on 02.5.2012 9:23

    KBR is a snowboarding crew from Finland. The crew consists of B-Unit’s very own Petrus Koskinen as well as Sakari Lähdesmäki, Elias Veijola, Toni Kerkelä, Sami Luhtanen, Antti Jussila, Janne Lipsanen, Niko Länsiö, Roope Höynä and more.

    These guys love producing and watching snowboarding movies. Since …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    What has B-Squad’s Tuomo Naalisvaara been up to?
    Published on 26.4.2012 13:57


    I usually start my season in Hawaii in March and end it somewhere in Northern Europe around November. Last year, I spent the first and the last two months in Hawaii, where I just went back a few weeks ago. The North Shore of …

  • 8

    Battery Energy Drink presents: JJ-Street Company in Estonia
    Published on 26.4.2012 11:08

    Do you love street dance? Is it natural for you to move to the beat of the music? If your answer is yes and you live in Estonia, Battery Energy Drink strongly recommends checking out JJ-Street Company.

    JJ-Street Company was founded in 2003 by Joel …

  • R-kiska kisan voittaja

    Oona won the guitar that Nightwish’s Emppu Vuorinen has played live in concert
    Published on 25.4.2012 14:23

    In February-March 2012, the Finnish kiosk chain R-kioski organized a contest for Battery Energy Drink and Nightwish fans. The unique prize was a guitar that Nightwish’s Emppu Vuorinen has played live in concert.

    The lucky winner was Oona from Toijala, Finland, who sent us these greetings:


    Olen Oona ja voitin …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    B-Moto’s Jussi Seljas put on a great show during Ruka Spring Break – on and off the stage
    Published on 25.4.2012 12:04

    Seljas and his crew sure know how to put on a show and create memories for their fans – even when Seljas can’t ride himself due to his back injury.

    [caption …

  • smpl

    SMPL presents: Kläppen
    Published on 24.4.2012 12:31

    Check out this edit by Battery Energy Drink’s local heroes from Sweden, freestyle skiers and snowboarders SMPL. This time the guys hooked up with Anton Bilare in Kläppen:

    For more information on SMPL, go to

  • wakepark

    Check out the Battery Wakepark in Tallinn, Estonia
    Published on 23.4.2012 12:33

    If you happen to be in Tallinn, Estonia, do check out the Battery Wakepark. This wake park was founded in July 2011, and has since offered people a safer, easier and cheaper way to enjoy wakeboarding. Furthermore, the Battery Wakepark organizes afterwake beach parties …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    What has B-Squad’s Jukka Mäennenä been up to?
    Published on 23.4.2012 10:46

    My name is Jukka and I like to ride bikes. I´ve been riding mountain bikes and bmx for about ten years now, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Bikes are so much fun. Only a few things enable you to go fast and …

  • dmg_kontula3

    Battery Energy Drink at the Kontula DMG Jam – Check out the footage
    Published on 16.4.2012 13:44 offered Finnish bmx fans a treat when they organized the Kontula DMG Jam on April 7th – a bmx competition for the best of the best in Finland. Battery Energy Drink was there to enjoy the ride.

    Check out the great videos: by …


    B-Moto’s Antti Pyrhönen is now second in MX3 World Championship
    Published on 16.4.2012 8:52



    It seemed the riders took the poor weather from Holland to France as rainy days had soaked the track in south France near Toulouse. But in qualifications the sun came through to …

  • BA_OR_PINT_NOR_W_blaBG_cmyk

    Heia Norge. Battery Original is now available in pint size.
    Published on 13.4.2012 12:49

    The Battery Energy Drink product family is growing in Norway. The Battery Original 56,8 cl pint is now available in most convenience stores and gas stations, such as Statoil, YX, 7-Eleven, Narvesen and Mix. Starting May 1st, the pint also hits the shelves in …

  • Drift Team SJSA

    Battery Energy Drink presents: DRIFT TEAM SJSA from France
    Published on 13.4.2012 6:31

    Meet our local heroes from France, the drivers of Drift Team SJSA. The team was put together in 2008 by just two drivers, but by 2012, the team already consists of six successful drivers: Sébastien Anger, Laurent Goupil, Sébastien Geoffroy, Frank Lagalice, Frederique Ferreira …

  • 120308 Wulfsports 2012-britmasters-flyer-highres-copy

    Published on 12.4.2012 9:37


    It’s certainly early advantage Kristian Whatley and Neville Bradshaw in the race for the respective 2012 Pro MX1 and MX2 class titles following an all-action round two of the super AMCA Wulfsport British Masters at Foxhills on Easter weekend.  One again …

  • costa rican local heroes

    Meet Battery Energy Drink’s local heroes from Costa Rica
    Published on 11.4.2012 16:10

    For 2012, Battery Energy Drink has chosen a few so-called local heroes from all over the world. The Battery Beach Volleyball team from Costa Rica is among these talented individuals. The team consists of hunks Esteban R. Escobar and José Suarez.

    Meet Esteban R. Escobar:

    • Nickname:

  • Krisse_Battery

    B-Moto’s Krisse Aalto was at the American Car Show in Helsinki, Finland
    Published on 11.4.2012 12:18

    Finland’s first female drifting driver and proud B-Moto member Krisse Aalto showcased her cars at the American Car Show on April 6th–9th in Helsinki, Finland. The American Car Show was once again a success and attracted over 62 000 visitors.

    Naturally, Krisse’s drifting car was …

  • Sinisalo_PoweredBy_Battery

    The “Sinisalo powered by Battery Energy Drink” clothing line
    Published on 10.4.2012 13:03

    Battery Energy Drink and Sinisalo have joined forces by launching a clothing line that consists of motocross gear as well as casual clothes. The “Sinisalo powered by Battery Energy Drink” collaboration was initiated over a year ago and was revealed to the public in …

  • Antti and teammate Ludde in Valkenswaard pits

    Antti Pyrhönen Race Report MX3 2012
    Published on 10.4.2012 12:14



    The opening race for the MX3 World Championship took place Monday 9 April at the deep sand circuit of Valkenswaard in Holland. Weather and track conditions were tough for AP24RACING team leader Antti Pyrhönen …

  • Antti in Valkenswaard

    B-Moto’s Antti Pyrhönen came in 5th at the opening race of the World Championships
    Published on 10.4.2012 5:57

    B-Moto’s Antti Pyrhönen came in 5th at the opening race of the World Championships in MX3. The race was held in Valkenswaard, Holland. Pyrhönen came in 4th in the first round, but fell unfortunately during the second round. The fall sparked Pyrhönen to push …

  • 120308 Wulfsports 2012-britmasters-flyer-highres-copy

    Published on 03.4.2012 8:52


    Following an opening round which produced both very contrasting and challenging conditions, the AMCA Wulfsport British Masters returns to action this weekend. In a late change of venue, the famous Foxhills circuit will now be your host for the round two action, …

  • Nipwitz2011_1

    Nipwitz presents: Sarajevo
    Published on 02.4.2012 14:44

    “Ski movies are boring as hell and we want to change that.” This statement was the starting point for the Nipwitz videoblog. The Nipwitz movies feature a group of highly gifted freestyle skiers: Aarni Toiviainen, B-Squad’s very own Matti Räty, Oskari Raitanen and Tommi …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Antti Pyrhönen’s column
    Published on 02.4.2012 8:50


    Dear friends and fans, this column I am writing in my camper parked at Dirkx Honda shop in Belgium. The Dirkx family is really a fantastic support to me and my team. We can park our camper and van at …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    B-Moto’s Jussi Seljas has his own TV show “Jussi Seljas: Showdown”
    Published on 02.4.2012 8:05

    The first episode of Jussi Seljas’ TV show “Jussi Seljas: Showdown” aired last Thursday on the Finnish TV channel JIM. In his show, B-Moto’s very own Seljas shows bigger audiences what fmx is really about – hard work, long preparations and ultimately great stunts. Each episode …

  • Kprod

    Kprod presents: Days in Klövsjö
    Published on 28.3.2012 9:00

    Check out this edit by Battery Energy Drink’s local heroes from Sweden, freestyle skiers Kprod. These guys definitely had fun in Klövsjö – which resulted in some great freestyle skiing.

    The link to ”Days in Klövsjö” is

    For more information on Kprod, go to …

  • IMG_9585

    Battery Energy Drink kept everyone going at the Pacifique Waikiki party in Espoo, Finland
    Published on 26.3.2012 6:03

    Devoted party goers got their swimming gear on to attend the Pacifique Waikiki party on March 9th and 10th at the Serena water park in Espoo, Finland. It is safe to say that nobody remained dry at this legendary annual party that gets sold …

  • Ruka Spring break

    Ruka Spring Break is approaching. Want to win tickets to THE winter event of the year?
    Published on 12.3.2012 11:18

    Battery Energy Drink offers you the possibility of winning tickets to the legendary Ruka Spring Break. To participate, go to!/rukaspringbreak?sk=wall, or if you are in Estonia,

    Ruka Spring Break has already become a legend in Finland and attracts yearly thousands of …

  • Libor

    Battery Energy Drink’s Slovakian local hero Libor Páleník
    Published on 09.3.2012 11:48

    Every year, Battery Energy Drink chooses a few so-called local heroes from all over the world. For 2012, freestyle BMX rider Libor Páleník from Slovakia has made the cut.

    Battery Energy Drink asked Libor a few questions about himself.

    What is your nickname?

    My friends call me …

  • 120308 Wulfsports 2012-britmasters-flyer-highres-copy

    Published on 08.3.2012 12:58


    With a bumper entry, some new sponsors on board and changes to the race format, it was time for the very popular AMCA Wulfsport British Masters to open its 2012 series at Mallory Park, Leicestershire on the weekend of March 3rd/4th. …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Antti Pyrhönen’s season got off to a good start in the Netherlands
    Published on 05.3.2012 10:38

    Motocross driver Antti Pyrhönen’s season got off to a good start in the Netherlands, when he competed in a Dutch Championship MX1 race as a way of practicing for the upcoming MX3 World Championships. He came in 10th in both starts, which is a …

  • Krisse_Battery

    Introducing B-Moto’s newest member, drifting driver Krisse Aalto
    Published on 29.2.2012 12:23

    Battery Energy Drink is proud to introduce the newest member of B-Moto, drifting driver Krisse Aalto. Krisse Aalto is the first female drifting driver in Finland. Krisse had been driving ice track for a few years and dreamed of a drifting car all the …

  • 120207 Powdersurf_mailikutsu_3b_24.1haaste2

    Check out the action that went down at Powder Surf
    Published on 29.2.2012 11:34

    Fun loving and surfer minded people came together at the “Powder Surf” competition on February 18th in Helsinki, Finland. Surfing skills were not necessary, since all means of sliding down the hill in the Koff Park were allowed.

    Check out the action that went down …

  • Battery ja Apo -logo

    Meet Apocalyptica’s tour vocalist, Tipe Johnson
    Published on 22.2.2012 8:07

    My name is Richard (Tipe) Johnson. I grew up for the most part in Finland, but I also lived in America when I was younger. I have always loved singing. As a twelve year old I started my first band. Because my second home …

  • Kprod

    Kprod presents: Kprod se Ladänge hänge
    Published on 15.2.2012 12:02

    Check out this edit by Battery Energy Drink’s local heroes from Sweden, freestyle skiers Kprod. These 13 guys sure know how to ski.

    The link to ”Kprod se Ladänge hänge”:

    For more information on Kprod, go to

  • Nipwitz2011_1

    Meet our newest local heroes from Finland – Nipwitz, a group of passionate freestyle skiers changing the way you think about skiing
    Published on 14.2.2012 14:32

    “Ski movies are boring as hell and we want to change that.” This statement was the starting point for the Nipwitz videoblog. The Nipwitz movies feature a group of highly gifted freestyle skiers: Aarni Toiviainen, B-Squad’s very own Matti Räty, Oskari Raitanen and Tommi …

  • Battery_energized- logo

    Success for Battery Energy Drink’s snowboarders at the Red Bull RailJam
    Published on 13.2.2012 8:15

    Last weekend was filled with victories for Battery Energy Drink’s snowboarders at the Red Bull RailJam in Lahti, Finland. B-Unit’s Joel Ahola came third, whereas the Battery Sisters Vilina Koivisto and Kristiina Nyman came first and second. Congrats, guys, on a great achievement.

    For more …

  • Battery ja Apo -logo

    Published on 10.2.2012 7:41

    The cooperation between the world’s leading cello metal band Apocalyptica and Battery Energy Drink is continuing also in 2012. The partnership was first launched in 2010, parallel to the launch of Apocalyptica’s latest album release “7th Symphony”. The marketing co-operation includes visibility and activations …

  • lewis king

    Battery Energy Drink’s British local hero Lewis King
    Published on 08.2.2012 13:34

    Every year, Battery Energy Drink chooses a few so-called local heroes from all over the world. For 2012, the British motocross driver Lewis King is among the chosen ones. King is a very talented rider who is competing in the Pro Class for the …

  • Latvian MX moduls

    Battery Energy Drink’s Latvian local heroes MX Moduls
    Published on 08.2.2012 13:32

    Every year, Battery Energy Drink chooses a few so-called local heroes from all over the world. For 2012, the Latvian motocross team MX Moduls has made the cut and will be competing in motocross gear from the “Sinisalo powered by Battery Energy Drink” collection. 

    MX …

  • Ludde_valmis

    Introducing B-Moto’s newest member, motocross driver Ludde Söderberg
    Published on 08.2.2012 8:37

    Battery Energy Drink is proud to introduce the newest member of B-Moto, motocross driver Ludde Söderberg. For 2012, Söderberg has also joined forces with Finnish supercross champion, B-Moto member Antti Pyrhönen.

    Battery Energy Drink asked Ludde a few questions about the new season.

    Ludde, how does …

  • Jukka Viljanen

    B-Hydro’s Jukka Viljanen has completed his Sahara run
    Published on 07.2.2012 13:08

    B-Hydro’s Jukka Viljanen reached the goal of his Sahara run on February 6th. Thus, Viljanen completed the run – equivalent to over 40 marathons – in just 30 days.

    Battery Energy Drink congratulates Jukka Viljanen for completing his run across the Sahara desert. It is …

  • KBR

    KBR presents: A day in the life of B-Unit snowboarder Petrus Koskinen
    Published on 06.2.2012 12:52

    KBR is a snowboarding crew from Finland. The crew consists of B-units very own Petrus Koskinen, Sakari Lähdesmäki, Elias Veijola, Toni Kerkelä, Sami Luhtanen, Antti Jussila, Janne Lipsanen, Niko Länsiö, Roope Höynä and more.

    Check out this movie featuring one of our B-Unit members, Petrus …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Antti Pyrhönen will not be competing in the Helsinki SuperCross this weekend
    Published on 03.2.2012 11:44

    Antti Pyrhönen will not be competing in the Helsinki SuperCross this weekend, since his chest is still sore after the injury he suffered at practice in Chile. However, Pyrhönen is attending the motorbike exhibition in Helsinki, Finland, as planned. He will be signing autographs …

  • Kprod

    Kprod presents: Night urbans
    Published on 01.2.2012 16:35

    Check out this edit by one of our local heroes, Kprod from Sweden. The video features some cool freestyle skiing at night.


  • IMG_6730

    Competition winners at Apocalyptica’s gig in San José, Costa Rica
    Published on 31.1.2012 13:45

    In December 2011, Battery Energy Drink organized an online competition for Apocalyptica fans in celebration of the metal band’s South-American tour. The prize included concert tickets and a unique meet & greet with the guys from Apocalyptica.

    For the ten competition winners in Costa Rica, …

  • Sinisalo_PoweredBy_Battery

    Battery Energy Drink and Sinisalo collaborate on a clothing line
    Published on 31.1.2012 9:05

    Battery Energy Drink and Sinisalo have joined forces in order to launch a clothing line that consists of motocross gear as well as casual clothes. The “Sinisalo powered by Battery Energy Drink” collaboration was initiated a year ago and is now ready to be …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Antti Pyrhönen had to miss his season’s opening competition in Chile due to a chest injury
    Published on 30.1.2012 8:07

    Motocross driver Antti Pyrhönen was supposed to open his MX season in Chile last Sunday, but he injured his chest during his practice on Saturday. Thus, Antti Pyrhönen decided not to ride in the competition.

    Pyrhönen explains: “I jumped off a dune and hit my …

  • Battery_energized- logo

    Battery Energy Drink is the official energy drink of the AMCA British Masters Motocross Championship 2012
    Published on 27.1.2012 10:00

    Energy Drinks Ltd is very proud to announce that Battery Energy Drink is the official energy drink of the ‘2012 Wulfsport British Masters Motocross Championship’.

    This is very exciting news for motocross in the UK as it introduces a globally established, premium energy drink brand …


    Battery Energy Drink at the Hawaian Party in Pilar, Paraguay
    Published on 05.1.2012 6:51

    They sure know how to party in Paraguay. Battery Energy Drink was present when the party hit the roof at the ”Fiesta Hawaiana” in Pilar, Paraguay, on January 2nd, 2012.

    Check out this video from the party:

  • Battery ja Apo -logo

    Published on 04.1.2012 17:51

    A Happy New Year To All Of You!

    We hope you had a wonderful Christmas time with your friends and family as well as a blasting night to start 2012!

    We are super excited to start our Latin American tour in a few days. It has …

  • photo: Antti Hahl

    Antti Pyrhönen Column nr 5
    Published on 22.12.2011 13:16

    Dear friends,

    This month has been filled with hectic days – while many of you may think that without a racing schedule my days are quiet with my feet up. But training on and off the bike never stops. A couple of weeks ago I …

  • Battery_energized- logo

    Kprod presents: First Day In Åre
    Published on 19.12.2011 7:48

    Check out this edit by one of our local heroes, Kprod from Sweden. The video features some good looking freestyle skiing in Åre, Sweden.


  • loudspeaker TV filkka_kuva

    Battery Energy Drink presents: “Loudspeaker” TV commercial
    Published on 16.12.2011 9:46

    Check out Battery Energy Drink’s newest TV commercial, “Loudspeaker”.


  • Battery ja Apo -logo

    Battery Energy Drink presents: The behind the scenes video of Apocalyptica’s gig
    Published on 16.12.2011 8:46

    Apocalyptica performed in Helsinki, Finland, on September 11th, 2011. This video features scenes from the sound check and the backstage during the concert. Check it out.


  • nightwish_group

    Published on 14.12.2011 16:30

    Finland’s most international metal band, Nightwish, is joining forces with Finland’s most international energy drink, Battery Energy Drink. The just signed marketing co-operation includes visibility and activations in web, social media, in Battery Energy Drink’s point of sale and also activations in selected Nightwish …

  • Battery ja Apo -logo

    Published on 12.12.2011 9:40

    Finnish cello rockers Apocalyptica opened the week long celebration of Metallica’s 30th anniversary last Monday at The Fillmore Theatre in San Francisco.

    Besides their own set, Apocalyptica also joined Metallica on stage for a few songs. After several supports for Metallica (the first one being …

  • Battery_energized

    Kprod presents: First urban edit 2011
    Published on 05.12.2011 9:40

    Check out this edit by one of our local heroes, Kprod from Sweden. The video features some fine urban freestyle skiing.


  • Betraeus

    Betraeus (SOAR) release video online via BlankTV and commence sponsored UK tour
    Published on 05.12.2011 8:26

    “Crushingly heavy, technical, atmospheric, and vocally melodic”
    Metal Hammer

    “Betraeus are without a doubt another shining addition to the UK metal underground arena”

    Rising UK progressive death metallers Betraeus release their ‘Towards The Sun” video online exclusively with  Blank TV following a successful run on the …

  • 111202 Apocalyptica_press_photo

    Battery Energy Drink & Apocalyptica in 2012
    Published on 02.12.2011 13:26

    Battery Energy Drink is pleased to announce that their collaboration with the cello playing metal band Apocalyptica will continue in 2012. It is our pleasure to keep you guys energized.

    Check out Apocalyptica’s website

  • SMPL_winter jam

    SMPL presents: Winter Jam 2011 Recap
    Published on 25.11.2011 9:47

    Check out this edit by one of our local heroes, SMPL from Sweden. The video features SMPL’s newest team rider, Oscar Wester, when he competes in King of Style 2011, as well as Bobby Brown, Oscar Harlaut, Jon Olsson and many more.


  • Pyrhonen poster_valley

    Antti Pyrhönen Column nr 4
    Published on 24.11.2011 11:10

    Dear friends,
    My racing season started ten months ago and ended in October with a big party in Lahti to celebrate my Finnish Supercross title. We had a couple of drinks with friends and sponsors at the price giving ceremony. Everyone  involved in the Finnish …

  • betraeus_tour

    Betraeus on tour in the UK
    Published on 08.11.2011 11:48

    Progressive death metal band Betraeus is celebrating the release of their debut EP, “Towards the Sun”, on Siege of Amida Records on the 4th of November. The EP release coincides with the band’s much-anticipated video to the title track, and to further wet appetites …

  • antti_pyrhonen_in_shape

    Antti Pyrhönen Announces His 2012 Racing Schedule
    Published on 08.11.2011 11:27

    The 2012 MX calendars have been approved by the FIM, the governing motorcycle federation and released yesterday by Youthstream.
    Antti will continue his career in the MX3 class next season… “With the goal to become World Champion.” was his firm statement.

    “There will be 13 MX3 …


    Finnish Supercross title for Antti Pyrhönen
    Published on 28.10.2011 13:32

    To round up an already fantastic 2011 season Hyvinkää’s son Antti Pyrhönen secured the Finnish Supercross title this weekend at the Lahti indoor meeting held on Friday and Saturday night.

    Antti won his series and semi-final on both days and led the final on the …

  • thumb-1.php

    UK Motocross Rider Lewis King – Energised by Battery
    Published on 25.10.2011 13:18

    Lewis King started his racing career over 10 years ago at local club level and progressed quickly through to the British Championships.
    He has ridden for teams such as Kawasaki UK and KTM Racing UK and has gained many podium places in the British Championships …

  • thumb.php

    Antti Pyrhönen Column nr 3
    Published on 05.10.2011 13:19

    “It’s been a great year”

    Dear sponsors, friends and fans, with the Motocross of Nations now behind us the international season has come to an end for me. We have the Finnish team event at my home track in Hyvinkää this weekend, the round-up of …

  • news_uma

    Battery Energy Drink – Energizing the world of Urban Music
    Published on 23.9.2011 15:17

    We are proud to announce that Battery will be the official energy drink of the 2011 Urban Music Awards held in London on October 3rd.

    The Urban Music Awards is the NO. 1 R&B, Hip Hop, Soul and Dance Music awards ceremony in the …

  • nissan_summer_series

    Nissan Summer Series 2011 – The fastest inflatable boats in the world fuelled by Battery
    Published on 20.9.2011 8:16

    The first stage of the 2011 / 2012 Nissan Summer Series National Championship, brought to you by Nissan and Battery Energy Drink, will be held at Club Mykonos, Hobie Beach, South Africa on the 17-18 of September.

    The Summer Series of Inflatable Boat racing was …

  • antti_motocross

    Published on 18.9.2011 8:15


    At the end of each motocross season the best riders in the world come together for the Motocross of Nations. And each year the Americans travel across the pond as the hot favorites because they have – what has …

  • bennetts

    Meet the Bennetts and their racing team
    Published on 15.9.2011 8:14

    We are the Bennett Racing Team and thanks for taking the time to read our first press release on the Battery Energy website! We thought it would be best to start off with a brief bio of the team… so here goes. …

  • betraeus

    Betraeus signed to Siege Of Amida Records
    Published on 12.9.2011 8:13

    Following an explosive year of top festival appearances and support shows, UK progressive metal outfit BETRAEUS are set to release their fantastic debut EP on Siege Of Amida this November.

    Since their inception in 2009, Manchester four piece Betraeus have gone from strength to strength …

  • battery_moto_devynios

    BATTERY MOTO DEVYNIOS 2011 – annula motorcycle enduro relay-race
    Published on 09.9.2011 8:11

    Kacergine, Lithuania

    BATTERY MOTO DEVYNIOS is a unique 9-hour motorcycle enduro relay-race that took place in Kacergine, Lithuania on the 13th of August. Finishing this intense and demanding race is considered one of the most prized feats in enduro racing. A crowd of enthusiastic professionals …

  • antti_pyrhonen_galldorf

    Antti Pyrhönen MX1 Gaildorf Newsletter
    Published on 08.9.2011 8:10


    For many years Antti Pyrhönen was a regular contender in MX1, the ‘royal’ class of World Championship motocross. Having started his own team in 2009 he moved to MX3 and became a steady top contender in his class. …

  • antti_pyrhonen_28.8.2011

    Antti takes the lead in Finnish SX Championship
    Published on 29.8.2011 16:22

    Antti Pyrhönen Newsletter Sunday 28 August

    Victory in Saturday’s final of the Siilinjärvi SX race put Antti Pyrhönen in the lead of the Finnish SX championship.

    It was a race with two faces. I am really happy with my win; we had been training really hard …

  • skateboard

    Limited edition Battery design can available now
    Published on 22.8.2011 7:34

    The limited edition “Creatures of the Night” can, designed by Battery Mashup winner Lauri Vassinen, is now in selected stores in Finland and online at Get yours while you can.

    Check out the in-store competition (in selected stores) for your chance to win …

  • france and antti

    Antti Pyrhönen Newsletter Sunday August 7
    Published on 16.8.2011 7:16



    Antti went to Lacapelle Marival with a small chance to secure third place in the MX3 World Championship and in this way repeat his fantastic 2009 MX3 performance. But as he explained: “I need …

  • slovakia and antti

    Antti Pyrhönen Newsletter Sunday July 17 (abbreviated)
    Published on 17.7.2011 7:13


    A dark cloud was hanging over the rest of the MX3 season. There are still 3 races on the calendar but the news is that both Switzerland and Spain have been canceled so France …

  • Battery launch Slovakia

    Battery energy drink is now also available in Slovakia!
    Published on 07.7.2011 9:00

    Don’t go without! For stocking, please contact the local distributor

  • antti 2nd column

    Antti Pyrhönen column
    Published on 07.7.2011 7:10

    The pressure and pleasure of the MX3 in my own country

    Dear fans and friends, I write this column on the way to the race in Ukraine. I just drove 500 km and now Jussi – my mechanic – takes the wheel. This is a …

  • mx3 Vantaa

    MX3 World Championship Vantaa, Finland
    Published on 01.7.2011 14:39

    Antti Pyrhönen Newsletter Sunday June 12 (abbreviated)


    Local mx hero Antti Pyrhönen was welcomed by his home crowd with applause and a roar of excitement during the Vantaa MX3 races when he rode his heart out in order to finish …

  • Pyrhonen Italy

    Castiglione del Lago (Italy) brings Antti Pyrhönen 34 WC points
    Published on 30.6.2011 14:36

    Antti Pyrhönen Newsletter Sunday June 19 (abbreviated)

    The motocross racers in the MX3 class made the long trip to central Italy for round four of the 2011 World Championship. What followed them to Italy was the heat with similar temperatures as in Finland a week …

  • Mashup winner

    Creatures of the Night Win Battery Mashup!
    Published on 28.6.2011 20:05

    The Battery Mashup -design can competition is over and the winner has been announced. The Creatures of the Night -can, designed by Lauri Vassinen, took first place and the cans are going into production as we speak.

    The limited edition cans will hit stores in …

  • betraeus

    Betraeus energized by Battery live at Download this weekend! (Friday, 10 June @ 13:45)
    Published on 08.6.2011 13:25

    It is that time of year again. Metalheadz from around the UK and from all over Europe are heading towards the legendary Donington Park for Download Festival on the 10-12 June. Make sure to get there early and head to the Pepsi MAX stage …

  • Pyrhonen Pori

    Antti Pyrhönen showed Pori, Finland how it’s done!
    Published on 06.6.2011 16:53

    Antti seems to be peaking at the perfect time with the Vantaa, Finland leg of the World Championships coming up this weekend. He took part in the Finnish MX1-class Championship race in Pori and left all the other participants eating dust in the first …

  • uk welcome

    UK welcome to the Royal Battery family
    Published on 03.6.2011 15:31

    An energy drink fit for kings is now available in a handful of carefully selected locations in and around the Wrexham area. For all the rest of our British friends good things come via the web. Battery is available 24/7 from our webstore. Check …

  • welcome France

    France welcome to the Battery world
    Published on 03.6.2011 15:08

    Battery energy drink has landed on the upscale shores of Southern France, where it’s being enjoyed by the rich and the famous. Battery is expected to move rapidly towards the north in the near future. In the meantime get your fix online from

  • Hydro qr codes

    Stay sharp. Catch the codes.
    Published on 03.6.2011 14:35

    Stay sharp when you spot Battery materials around you. Many of them contain QR codes, which hold bonus materials behind them. Activate the reader on your mobile device and point the camera at the code. This will open extra online content for you to …

  • Noemi at Vantaa

    Alejandro Noemi and the Vantaa MX3 race
    Published on 03.6.2011 14:12

    May 30 Press Release (abbreviated)

    Chilean teenager, Alejandro Noemi, was just 18 years old when he landed in Belgium to start a motocross adventure in Europe in mid-February 2010. He had been quite successful as a motocross racer in his home country but wanted …

  • Hydro launch LITH

    Congratulations Lithuania
    Published on 20.5.2011 16:26

    The next generation of energy drinks is hitting stores now.

    Battery Hydro – energy, hydration and recovery in one product.

  • Pyrhonen 1st column

    Antti Pyrhönen – my first column
    Published on 19.5.2011 18:15

    Dear fans and friends, my long time clothing sponsor Sinisalo has asked me to write a regular column about racing and what it takes to run my own AP Racing motocross team. In this, my first column, I would like to share this time …

  • B-Hydro launch

    Battery proudly presents: B-Hydro
    Published on 19.5.2011 13:06

    Meet B-Hydro – A line-up of sportsmen you don’t always see in the newspaper’s sports section. You can find them pushing themselves to the absolute limits in terms of physical performance. They put their endurance to the test under the harshest conditions. These guys …

  • MX3 Bulgaria

    MX3 Bulgaria: A sweet weekend for Antti
    Published on 13.5.2011 15:43

    Round two of the MX3 World Championship took place today at Troyan, Bulgaria. After the rain-soaked Grand Prix in Greece the riders now faced dry weather and a bone-hard track that resulted in high-speed action.

    “The track was so hard and fast, which made qualification …

  • Pyrhonen Hyvinkaa

    The Finnish Supercross Championships start in Hyvinkää – Antti enters the race as the challenger
    Published on 04.5.2011 15:41

    In his comeback season, Antti Pyrhönen is starting the season in an unfamiliar position – as the challenger.

    ”Feels great to enter the domestic circuit again, since I didn’t race at all last season. I’m coming in to challenge the Finnish elite riders. Let’s see …

  • battery_coffeed

    Bye Bye Battery Coffeed!
    Published on 21.4.2011 13:04

    A sad announcement for all the Finnish Battery Coffeed lovers. The product has been discontinued, which means that store deliveries will no longer be made and you’d better stock up and hunt down every last can you can still find in the shops. Bye …

  • pyrhonen_mx3

    Muddy start of MX3 World Championship in Greece
    Published on 17.4.2011 17:58

    Having been team manager in 2010 for his Chilean friend Alejandro Noemi and not having participated for one whole year, the fresh start for Antti Pyrhönen came this weekend in Megalopolis, Greece where the first MX3 World Championship Grand Prix race took place under …

  • thumb

    Slovenia Energized
    Published on 12.4.2011 11:52

    The newest country to join Battery’s wonderful world of energy is Slovenia. We’re delighted to now also serve the good people of Slovenia with that undisputed Battery power to keep them going. Welcome onboard!

  • Battery just got more Battery
    Published on 23.3.2011 12:39

    Battery energy drink’s logo and packaging designs just got sleeker, simpler, clearer, more powerful, and even more battery.

    The more the merrier, if you know who is who. And now you do. The new packages have been designed to help you tell the family members …

  • news_antti1

    Antti Pyrhönen Comes in Tenth in Halle
    Published on 20.3.2011 11:45

    Antti came in 13th and tenth in the two starts in Halle, The Netherland, snatching tenth position overall. Antti stated that progress is being made all the time, and that both starts felt good. There is still much conditioning work to be done on …

  • news_antti2

    Antti Pyrhönen Ninth in The Netherlands
    Published on 13.3.2011 10:45

    Antti drove his first races in Europe since his serious injury back in 2009. He took overall ninth position in the MX1-class Championship Series in Gemert, The Netherlands. He came in tenth and 12th in his two heats. His road to recovery has been …

  • petrolheads

    Petrolheads Fuelled by Battery
    Published on 11.3.2011 18:09

    Battery Energy Drink announces the official launch of B-Moto, a team of local and international motor sports professionals, as well as up-and-coming amateur speed demons – that ride hard on either two wheels or four. Battery and skilled drivers and high-tuned gravel kicking & …

  • pyrhonen_holland

    Antti Pyrhönen Opens His European Season in Holland
    Published on 10.3.2011 18:14

    Antti Pyrhönen will take part in his first race in Europe since 2009. His first start will take place in Gemert, Holland. Antti returned from his training camp in Chile, and after a brief visit to his native Finland, he headed straight to Belgium …

  • pyrhonen_chile

    Antti Pyrhönen: “Thank you Chile”
    Published on 25.2.2011 18:16

    Antti’s time in Chile came to a spectacular end, as he won both races at La Serena for the Chile Championship.

    “These 11 weeks in Chile have been great and to finish this adventure with a double victory was a fabulous way of saying thanks …

  • bsquad_news

    B-Squad 2011
    Published on 11.2.2011 18:22

    B-Squad is a group of Battery-sponsored athletes from a wide range of different sports from surfing to rock climbing. That these athletes have in common is a thirst for Battery and a thirst for life… and a genuine passion for their sport! There have …

  • springbreak_news

    Spring Break Competition – Take part now!
    Published on 11.2.2011 18:18

    Finnish music channel, The Voice, is organising a competition on their website, with a chance to win a trip to the legendary Spring Break event at Ruka (15-17.4.2011) for you and three of your best friends. The prize includes trips, accommodation, ski-tickets and tickets …

  • batterygeneral

    Pakistan Energized
    Published on 10.2.2011 18:28

    Battery is happy to announce that yet another new country has joined the Battery World. It is our pleasure to welcome Pakistan on board. Battery is available in Pakistan now, in selected locations. Welcome!

  • batterygeneral

    We are on a stake-out for energetic partners to work with!
    Published on 10.2.2011 18:24

    Battery energy drink is one of the biggest and most wide-spread premium energy drinks in the world. We are constantly looking for new business opportunities and partners around the world. Do you have what it takes?

    - Do you live in a country or state …

  • batterysisters_news

    Battery Sisters – Lady Snowboarders Join the B-Squad
    Published on 04.2.2011 10:00

    There’s a lot going on in ladies snowboarding at the moment. The Finnish Snowboard Association and SNL (the Finnish Female Boarders Association) have started up a team to support the ladies in the sport. This new team of 11 talented riders carries the name …

  • +B

    Battery and Sinisalo – International Motocross Madness
    Published on 02.2.2011 17:31

    When two leading Finnish brands that are strongly involved in extreme lifestyles decide to work together, the result is a limited edition motocross clothing line. Battery combines its energy with Sinisalo, a manufacturer of high-quality motor sports wear, in 2011 to create a motocross …

  • bunit_news

    The 2011 B-Unit Team Has Been Named
    Published on 17.12.2010 12:35

    There will be some changes to Battery’s already legendary B-Unit snowboarding team this winter.  The B-Unit’s mission from the very start has been to support promising Finnish snowboarders on their way to success. The best example of the unit’s success would probably be Peetu Piiroinen, who after 5 …

  • byebyeorange

    Bye bye Battery Orange Juiced!
    Published on 16.12.2010 11:33

    It is time, once again, to say bye. this time not for a sponsored but one of the variants. Battery Orange Juiced will be discontinued by the end of the year. It has been available in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. If you are …

  • batterygeneral

    Battery Thanks Two Downhill Legends
    Published on 07.11.2010 11:47

    After four great years with Battery, Joonas Karhumaa, a pioneer of the telemark freeski world is moving on.

    After many successful years on the Battery team, Mikko Ronkainen, a two-time World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist, has decided to retire from the world of freestyle …

  • batterygeneral

    Battery energy drink @ BoardExpo 5.-7.11.2010, Helsinki Finland
    Published on 05.11.2010 19:07

    Battery Container and the Battery Girls are presented at the official snow season kick off event BoardExpo, held in Helski fair center, the 5th-7th of November. What’s up there: the release of Battery B-Unit for 2011, official launch of Battery Sisters snowboarder crew and, …

  • batterygeneral

    Alejandro Noemi – Battery keeps him going
    Published on 17.9.2010 10:39

    MX3 Motocross World Championship driver Alejandro Noemi is only 18 years old but holds great promise. He has done very well in the national races in Chile, and is gaining speed and experience also in the European tracks. This season has been his first …

  • batterygeneral

    Apocalyptica welcome to the Battery Family!
    Published on 20.8.2010 18:43

    The world-known Finnish metal band Apocalyptica is gearing up to start their extensive North American and European tour to promote their seventh studio album, 7th Symphony. To ensure that they can deliver an unforgettable and energetic performance for their fans in each city and …

  • batterygeneral

    Battery energy drink official energiser of Malakoff Music Festival
    Published on 22.6.2010 15:45

    Battery energy drink has teamed up with Malakoff Music Festival, held in Nordfjordeid in Norway the 23rd and 24th of July, 2010. The festival offers impressive line-up of Norwegian and Swedish front-line artists like Big Bang, Bob Hund(s), Enslaved, John Olav Nilsen og Gjengen, …

  • norway_bottle

    Norway: The bottle is back!
    Published on 22.6.2010 12:08

    Battery Original energy drink in a design-award-winning re-closable bottle is back in Norwegian market. When limited edition of the pack was launched earlier this year in selected gas stations and convenience stores, the demand was over-whelming. It simply had to come back.

    So it did. …

  • batterygeneral

    Battery energy drink to join forces with Folven Camping at Norway’s no.1 Summerski Resort
    Published on 20.6.2010 18:51

    Battery energy drink is new energising sponsor of Folven Camping at Stryn summerski resort in Norway. The location experienced a formidable rejuvenation earlier this year when premier clothing designer and manufacturer Moods of Norway (amongst others) purchased the resort. New improvements and greatly increased …

  • pirita_surfclub

    Battery energy drink is the new main sponsor for Pirita Surf Club and School in Estonia!
    Published on 05.5.2010 11:53

    Saturday, the 1st of May 2010, an agreement between Battery energy drink and the Pirita Surf Club and School was signed. The cooperation agreement makes Battery the new main sponsor of the Wind Surf School and Club, located in Pirita beach in Tallinn, and …

  • Battery launch Slovakia

    Norway gets Battery Cranberry Juiced!
    Published on 04.5.2010 12:55

    In the beginning of May, Battery Cranberry Juiced will be available also in great country of Norway! This will make Battery Cranberry Juiced as 3rd most wide spread Battery variant (after Original and Sugarfree), which is no wonder really. It is simply a superb …