mx3 Vantaa

MX3 World Championship Vantaa, Finland

Published on 01.7.2011 14:39

Antti Pyrhönen Newsletter Sunday June 12 (abbreviated)


Local mx hero Antti Pyrhönen was welcomed by his home crowd with applause and a roar of excitement during the Vantaa MX3 races when he rode his heart out in order to finish on the podium. After a break of 7 weeks the MX3 World Championship continued in Finland, the venue with sweet memories for Antti Pyrhönen as he won the 2 motos at Vantaa in 2009.

Sponsors, friends and fans showed up in big numbers to support the popular Fin at his home race. “The weeks before the race were very demanding and filled with sponsor visits and getting everything ready for Vantaa. A great team of family and friends set up our VIP arrangements for around 300 guests. The great many people who support me are the ones who make it possible for me to race at this high level. I assume I have paid them back for their support with today’s second place. Deep down in my heart I was hoping for the win, but in reality I realize that riding against these guys I have to be very happy with my second place result.”


Milko Potisek (France) and Julien Bill dominated the qualification race on Saturday, and Antti eventually placed 4th in qualifying.

After some changes to the bike, Antti got a great start to the first heat on Sunday. He rode in third position for much of the race, and to the delight of the home crowd, managed to steal second place from Michek in the later stages of the heat.

The second race looked even more promising for Finland’s best mx racer. Antti made another good start while Bill went down in the first corner and then stalled his engine 3 corners later. At a certain point it looked like Antti had the overall win and thus the MX3 victory in his hands. Antti was riding in second place, behind Söderström, but in the long and physically demanding and exhausting race, Bill staged an incredible comeback to take the win in the second heat. Antti placed fourth in the heat to take overall second place overall.


First race: 1. Julien Bill; 2. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN; 3. Martin Michek; 4. Milko Potisek; 5. Marco Maddii; 6. Toni Eriksson; 7. Riku Rouhiainen; 8. Martin Zerava; 9. Lauris Freibergs; 10. Samuli Aro

Second race: 1. Bill; 2. Söderström; 3. Potisek; 4. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN: 5. Freibergs; 6. Zerava; 7. Michek; 8. Maddii; 9. Rouhiainen; 10. Jousi Atte

World Championship points: 1. Bill, 115; 2. Potisek, 106; 3. Michek 90; 4. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN, 86; 5. Maddii, 75; 6. Zerava, 72; 7. Parshin, 54; 8. Rouhiainen, 43; 9. Michalek, 40; 10. Laanso, 36

Next MX3 race June 19 – Castiglione del Lago, Italy