MX3 Bulgaria

MX3 Bulgaria: A sweet weekend for Antti

Published on 13.5.2011 15:43

Round two of the MX3 World Championship took place today at Troyan, Bulgaria. After the rain-soaked Grand Prix in Greece the riders now faced dry weather and a bone-hard track that resulted in high-speed action.

“The track was so hard and fast, which made qualification a real tough day. Not really my kind of track. In 2009 I scored 10th and 11th places in the Troyan races, one of my worst scores that season, so I knew what to expect. I am not adapted to such high speeds. It is not in our blood coming from the land of sand tracks. We worked with Jussi on improving the engine settings and making a more comfortable bike for this kind of race-track.”

“Potisek and Bill finished first and second in the qualification race. My goal is two steady races so as to not lose too many points. Then I have the whole month of May to further improve my speed and condition and step by step close the gap on the guys in front of me. The Vantaa GP of Finland will be a different cookie, these guys can ride sand but then I expect to be at their level or better.”


The start in Greece had not been perfect so Antti had asked Jussi to change the gearing and it all worked perfect. In both starts Antti was up front leading the pack into the left hand corner.

“In Greece I misjudged the start a little bit and put more body weight on the rear wheel, afraid there would not be enough grip. Today I delivered two excellent starts and I went first into the corner where Potisek pushed me a bit wide so he and Michek came by and Bill also slipped through. The speed was so high and my arms started to pump up a bit so I could not keep Zerava and Kragelj behind me during the race. These guys are good on these kinds of tracks and belong with the earlier mentioned three riders to the top at the moment. But all can change rapidly and I think I can be the dark horse during the World Championship season.”

“For the second race Jussi made some small adjustments to the engine injection and suspension which made the bike feel better. I did expect better results than in 2009 on this track so there is no surprise to finish 6th. But I did not expect to keep the same speed with the leaders in the second race.”

Antti and his mechanic Jussi Heikkonen


“In the second start I surprised myself and my competitors! Again I lead from the gate into the corner but left some space for Milko Potisek to come inside so he led the race with me a few seconds behind him, keeping the pressure on him. I could keep up with his speed, which was a pleasant surprise. Then Milko made a small mistake, which cost him a bit of time and I was leading the Grand Prix. My speed was good and I felt comfortable but I cannot hold it for the full distance yet. It felt easier following Potisek. Then I made a small slide and the 4 guys were right on me; Potisek, Michek, Bill and Parshin. Maybe the pressure was a bit too high and came too early. I need more races under my belt to really fight back, which is pretty normal considering where I come from. But I have the speed and now I know I can win races this year!”

“I am happy to leave Troyan with two good races and more importantly with the feeling that I took 2 big steps forward. Potisek, Bill, Michek… they are the best guys at the moment but after a month of training in Finland and some more races I know I can reach their level.”


FIRST RACE: 1. Milko Potisek, Fra; 2. Martin Michek, CZ; 3. Julien Bill, Sui; 4. Martin Zerava, CZ; 5. Saso Kragelj, Slo; 6. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN, FIN; 7. Dimitry Parshin, Rus; 8 Marco Maddii, It; 9. Juss Laanso, Est; 10. Petr Michalek, CZ; 11. Roman Mozorov, UA; 12. Marko Kovalainen, Fin; 13. Lauri Lehtia, Est; 14. Pierrick Roncin; 15. Nikolay Kumanov

SECOND RACE: 1. Potisek; 2. Michek; 3. Bill; 4. Parshin; 5. PYRHÖNEN; 6. Zerava; 7. Laanso; 8. Maddii; 9. Michalek; 10. Kovalainen; 11. Kumanov; 12. Lehtia; 13. Riku Rouhiainen, Fin; 14. Roncin; 15. Dimitry Camus

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POSITIONS: 1. Potisek, 68; 2. Bill, 65; 3. Michek, 56; 4. Parshin, 54; 5. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN and Maddii. 46; 7. Zerava, 44; 8. Laanso, 34; 9. Kumanov, 29; 10. Lehtia, 26

Next MX3 race: Vantaa, Finland 12 June