Meet the Bennetts and their racing team

Published on 15.9.2011 8:14

We are the Bennett Racing Team and thanks for taking the time to read our first press release on the Battery Energy website! We thought it would be best to start off with a brief bio of the team… so here goes. We have been racing around Europe for 30 years and have built up some amazing memories and over time have been lucky to experience some fantastic event wins. One of the best memories for us was running our first 6-second ‘ET’ (Elapsed Time) in 2007.

We started racing back in 1981 with a Ford Popular called Phantasm, which we raced very successfully until 1987 when we imported an NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car. We spent a few years building the car up as we didn’t buy the engine and since we used Small Block Chevy power in the Ford Pop the obvious choice was to go for a Big Block Chevy engine in what was to become a Fuel Altered. We then competed in Top Alcohol and we did this for a good few years, but due to our extremely limited budget we were never going to be a force in the class. We ran a standard iron 427 cubic inch block, standard GM forged crank, iron heads, and a supercharger, which probably made about five pounds of boost on a good day.

Then in the early 90s we started to race in a new class, the Supercharged Outlaws, in which we had great success and really enjoyed every single event. Then in 2001 our crank of twelve years had enough and broke in the best possible way, everything out the bottom of the engine, but thank God it didn’t touch our new aluminium block. On that run we still managed a 7.400 at 99mph, which is great as the crank broke at half-track.

We then didn’t have the budget to get back out racing until a new sponsor was found at the Xtreme Wheels show in 2005. This brought us back out and ready to run in the newly-formed Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association. We have been lucky with sponsors that have helped us with the financial side of things, so when we did utilize the car we managed a 6.901 second run at only 190mph. Later that same year we also managed a run at over 200mph! Our best time to date is 6.42 seconds at 191mph, again not leaning on the car too much and with a soft tune – so it can still go a lot quicker.

We had a great year in 2009, when we won the Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association Championship, winning 3 out of the 4 events we entered. We actually only lost 2 races all year and those were down to a technical fault (the parachutes fell out of the back due to the immense vibration/tyre shake).

This year we have not been racing. We have been very busy preparing our three race cars to race in 2012 and also as importantly promoting our sponsors, as you can well imagine this is a lot of work! We have also attended a lot of shows and events this year, including the FAST5 dvd/blu ray release day at Santa Pod and more recently TRAX Performance car show at Silverstone, both really great events for the team and of course to promote Battery Energy Drink.

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