Meet our newest local heroes from Finland – Nipwitz, a group of passionate freestyle skiers changing the way you think about skiing

Published on 14.2.2012 14:32

“Ski movies are boring as hell and we want to change that.” This statement was the starting point for the Nipwitz videoblog. The Nipwitz movies feature a group of highly gifted freestyle skiers: Aarni Toiviainen, B-Squad’s very own Matti Räty, Oskari Raitanen and Tommi Kostilainen. The movies are produced professionally by Flatlight Films, which makes the movies’ quality outstanding.

The Nipwitz videoblog project started in the winter season of 2009–2010 with four short movies. The Nipwitz group’s ultimate goal was to make movies that broke the traditional pattern of ski movies and that were enjoyable to the Nipwitz guys themselves, as well. The Nipwitz videoblog was warmly welcomed by the skiing community. Within a year, the short movies got over 150 000 views online and Nipwitz was awarded with the 2010 Best Webisode award at the International Freeskiing Film Festival in Annecy, France.

“Instead of making an annual full length ski movie published in the fall, we wanted to offer the skiing community quality entertainment during the winter season since there is a clear niche for that. Nipwitz is not about contest summaries or park “training” videos but movie-like footage that is easy to relate into. “ Nipwitz

Check out this year’s first Nipwitz movie ”Polar Night” at

Battery Energy Drink is proud to keep Nipwitz going in 2012.

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