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Meet Battery Energy Drink’s newest local hero from Sweden, Joakim Juhlin

Published on 29.8.2012 7:54

Joakim Juhlin is a 24-year-old rising star in extreme skiing aka. “terrain park” from Stockholm, Sweden. Juhlin is more than just a talented guy on a pair of skis, since he has made a name for himself in the field of ski movies as well. In 2011, Juhlin filmed with skier Mike Hornbeck an edit that has reached almost 60 000 views on youtube alone: (

Juhlin tries to live life to the fullest. Life is at its best when he is standing on a pair of skis, shooting ski movies or just hanging out with his friend.

For more information on Joakim Juhlin, go to:

Welcome to Battery family, Joakim.