Meet Battery Energy Drink’s newest local heroes from Finland, the off-road trophy team FS Motorsport Finland

Published on 25.5.2012 11:58

Meet Battery Energy Drink’s newest local heroes from Finland, the off-road trophy team FS Motorsport Finland. Family-owned FS Motorsport Finland has been racing around Finland, Estonia and Russia for the last 5 years. The team consists of 8-10 people – driver, co-driver, a bunch of mechanics and family members – who keep the car going and the team winning.

Most off-road races are driven in harsh environments: in swamps or in the desert. Hence, people and vehicle maintenance demands much more effort than on your average track or at home. There is no electricity or running water. You usually sleep in a tent after you have washed and fixed the car. And the next morning, the basecamp has to be packed up and moved to the next location. This will be done over and over again every morning. So, according to FS Motorsport Finland, participating in off-road races is kind of like camping – extreme camping.

The perhaps toughest off-road trophy in the world is Ladoga Trophy in Russia. The idea of the race is to drive around the Lake Ladoga. The race lasts up to 8-9 days and consists of 1 200 km of deep swamps, rivers, forests, hills and rocks. The route is pre-planned by the race organizers who monitor the contestants’ driving by means of GPS. The contestants have their own computers in the cars and they try to think of the fastest or the easiest route to the destination. It goes without saying that the easiest route is usually not the fastest one.

Last year, FS Motorsport Finland participated in the Ladoga Trophy and won the proto class. This year, the guys are going for the gold once again.

On May 26th, 270 crews from 15 countries start the journey in St. Isaac’s Square in Saint Petersburg. For updates on the Ladoga Trophy, go to

For videos of last year’s Ladoga Trophy and more information on FS Motorsport Finland, go to

Meet driver Kari Sihvonen:

Nickname: Sika

Born: September 7th, 1980

Hometown: Vantaa, Finland

Sport: Off-road

Started Off-road: It´s been part of my whole life and I have been competing since 2005. 

Home away from home: The garage.

Greatest career achievement so far: We won Ladoga Trophy last year (2011), one of the longest and hardest off-road events in the world.

First trick you were really proud of: Learning how to “read” swamps and drive through them without sinking in them with the car.

What are you known for? For my stubborn attitude in some cases. ;)

Your favorite websites:,

Your idols: Those who believe in their dreams.

Best advice you ever got: It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice!!

Favorite music: PMMP, Finnish pop music

The most beautiful thing in the world: A sunset over a lake.

Ideal off-road destination: Russia

Sweet or sour? Sweet!

Your biggest treasure: My family and friends.

How much Battery Energy Drink do you consume during a season? A lot, it keeps me going!

How much do you travel? Always when I have the chance.

Your dream travel destination? Karelia, Russia

What do you do when you are not riding? I relax and drink Battery Energy Drink.

Thank you, Kari, and good luck in the Ladoga Trophy.