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Ludde Söderberg report World Championship 2013

Published on 12.2.2013 9:48

Ludde Söderberg: his California dream is over

Back from his California trip Ludde felt strong and positive. He was looking forward to his first race of the year, earlier than usual but with many hours of training behind him in America he was in shape to take on the opponents in Helsinki.

Ludde, back on home soil you rode the Helsinki SX, the result was mixed fortune.

“You can say that. My first 2013 race was the opening race for the Finnish Supercross series. The race was held during the Finnish Motorcycle Expo in Helsinki and the track was good. The first night I finished fourth and felt good on the bike.”

“Winner Jason Thomas was disqualified with a broken silencer so I landed on the podium. Good for my Finnish and International sponsors.”

Day two became sort of disaster

“I was again qualified in the final, maybe halfway in the race holding fifth position another Finn Eeli Takatalo tried to block-pass me and it all went wrong. He came in real hard and hit my knee and the doctors told me I need an operation to repair the meniscus.”

“This week I was in hospital but I have to wait for the operation until Monday. They say it’s just two small holes but it will set me back like 3-4 weeks in my preparations.”

“At first I was so mad I could have hit the other guy but that would have really got me into trouble. Block-passes happen all the time but it should be clean. Ok now it’s all good and behind me. It was miss-judgment by Takatalo but no hard feelings. I contacted him and we agreed not to be mad; it was bad luck and really unfortunate.”

”An extra set-back was the delay of my operation. I lost a few days because the doctors wanted to be sure I have no bacteria in my body. They asked me if I have had any injections in the last 5 years. Yep I had a vitamin thing nothing else but now the Finnish doctor wanted to wait a few days extra and double check. The prediction is 3 weeks and then I can get back on the bike.”

Guess nothing has changed in your target

“Nah, target is to get into the top five of the championship, on a good day maybe fight for a podium position. Hope I will be ready in time for Valkenswaard end March.”

Thanks Ludde, make a rapid recovery and good luck!