Published on 12.6.2013 9:14

The MX3 stars continued their battle for World Championship points at the impressive natural Orehova Vas circuit near Maribor, one of the regular international motocross tracks.

After a faultless free practice B-Moto Ludde had problems in the qualifying race. “I was ok from the gate but the guys on the inside hit me and pushed me wide so I had to shut off and lost many places” said B-Moto Ludde who still qualified 14th to the race.

B-Moto Ludde went through some hard times during the race day. He was in good positions until the slippery downhill part of the course, where he went down while braking. Unfortunately B-Moto Ludde lost many positions, but he quickly gained his thirteenth place back. That crash turned out to be a nasty cut, which required a medical check up between the races. Despite the wound he was able to fight his way to 16th, making him 8th in the World Championship points.

B-Moto Ludde is now stitched back together and looking forward to the next race in Maggiora, Italy.

“All in all it became a day to forget, get those crashes out of my system. I decided to do the second moto as I cannot afford to lose too many points. Instead of closing in from sixth I dropped to eight as Brockel and Bertuzzo passed me.”

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS: 1. Gercar, 155; 2. Walkner, 150; 3. Krestinov, 143; 4. Michek, 141; 5. Muratov, 95; 6. Bertuzzo, 94; 7. Brockel, 86; 8. Söderberg, 77; 9. Smola, 74; 10. Michalec, 62