Soldier Ludde

Ludde is in the army now

Published on 22.11.2012 6:40

Ludde’s motocross races are over for the year 2012, because he is serving his country at the moment until next April.

Ludde send his greeting from the depths of the Finnish forests:

“….For some people the army may sound negative, I say the army is good for me. I can do a lot of training and probably I am in better shape than in past year’s off-season. We eat good food and we train hard by running and work out in the gym. In a recent condition test it came out that I am fit like during the season.

The fact that we have to be back in our barracks on Sunday at 21.00 and we get up every morning at 06.00 is not bad for me. They sort of keep me fenced in, in the army you can’t stay in bed and you won’t go lazy.

This week we spend in the forest, sleeping in a tent and it’s raining so that’s the less fun part being in the army. However in our group, the motorsport section, we have a lot of possibilities to stay focused on our sport.

I will collect enough free days to continue my racing and do all the preparations it takes in the early months of 2013….

Slowly the deals for 2013 are coming together, I had meetings with Sinisalo, Battery, Honda and all is looking good. I look forward to expand the support from all sides to make it possible to continue my racing career and make next steps….

All in all I am positive for next year and I will keep you informed about new plans, my progress and the 2013 races.”

We at Battery hope that Ludde would enjoy his stay in the army as much as possible.