Limited edition Battery design can available now

Published on 22.8.2011 7:34

The limited edition “Creatures of the Night” can, designed by Battery Mashup winner Lauri Vassinen, is now in selected stores in Finland and online at Get yours while you can.

Check out the in-store competition (in selected stores) for your chance to win one of these awesome Battery/Creatures of the Night skateboards with Lauri’s design.

The winner, 36 year old graphic artist and skateboard enthusiast, Lauri Vassinen had the following to say about the Battery Mashup competition and the thinking behind his winning design. “It was fascinating to be able to approach the product from a personal perspective. The idea was to simply illustrate the soul, spirit or totem-animal of the can. The ghost-monkeys are captivating with their alert eyes that lack all the extra masculine aggression. The Battery color palette helped create an interesting jungle structure for our characters to live in.”

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