Kristiina Nyman has never-ending season

Published on 19.8.2014 9:42

For most of the people winter season’s final event Wappulounas means a long break from board sports. But after the busy winter Battery Energy Drink’s Kristiina Nyman won’t settle down. This wakeboarding snowboarder heads to the cable parks in Turkey or Asia to get a kickstart on her wake season. And that has paid off. Kristiina is one of the top wakeboarders in Finland and no stranger to top 3 finishes. Eight podiums in the previous four years and three of them being 1st place tell a clear story.


“This year I started my season in Finland. With our thick wetsuits we can keep riding here until the beginning of October, but then I’m usually headed to Asia to finish off my wakeboarding season” says Kristiina.

Her season has not gone entirely without a trouble, though. Kristiina has been plagued by small injuries that have taken time to recover from and she has had to skip a few competitions because of them. “The summer hasn’t gone exactly as I planned. But I still got one more competition to come in Estonia and then I’m just going to keep pushing myself to land new tricks and film as much as possible!”

“Battery Energy Drink has been a huge supporter for me. I was able to film a sweet video at Thai Wake Park last fall while learning new tricks and this summer I did a small edit from my home cable park Wakespot in Helsinki. It means a lot to me that Battery Energy Drink backs me up during winter & summer so I can keep getting better all the time.”

Check out Kristiina’s latest wakeboarding video from her home cable park Wakespot and her edit from Thai Wake Park.

Krisse @ Wakespot
Krisse @ TWP

Photos Tomi Tähti