Krisse Aalto wins at Nordic Ladies Drift League

Published on 29.8.2014 10:48

Battery Energy Drink’s drift queen Krisse Aalto had a spectacular weekend in Tallinn, Estonia. Coming from a summer shadowed by numerous technical difficulties, victory at Nordic Ladies Drift League event held in challenging street track is a big one for Krisse. On top of that Krisse was the only female driver to finish in top 15 at NEZ Drift Championship event held in same weekend.


“I have had an extremely challenging season this far” says Krisse. “My car, Super Soaker, was finished late last summer and I haven’t been able to do too many tests and training days with it. Also the limited budget won’t allow endless training, but now I have found the right team to work with me and my car has taken major leaps forward this summer. It now runs on ethanol, turbo comes from Masterpower and engine has been fine tuned to suit my driving style better. The car feels great to drive, even though I only got to do one test before driving in Tallinn!”

Despite the fact that driving on track made on real street is far more risky than driving on race track, Krisse tells that the event was something to remember. “The whole event was just amazing! Drifting on street track gives you an indescribable feeling when you know there are no safe zones next to the track and your ride will be wrecked if you make a mistake. Going sideways 90km/h into a tight track surrounded by concrete walls is the best thing ever! Friday nights training in the middle of the city with just the street lights on was an unforgettable experience.”


Krisse says that she has always set her goals high, but after this victory and great result at NEZ those goals don’t seem that far fetched. “The remaining drift season consist of two more events in Finland and I am aiming to get Super Soaker’s suspension and handling even better” Krisse states. “Next season’s plan is to drive in some European league and I fully believe in my chances when the support is right and I get to train more. I am so happy that I won the Nordic Ladies Drift League event in Tallinn, but I honestly have to say that my goal is to be on the top at Pro-level with all the male drivers. These past result gave me an extra boost on my confidence that those goals are within my reach. Definitely in the next five years.”

Big congratulations to Krisse and we are looking forward to see you back at the podium again.


Check out Krisse’s drifting in the Tallinn street track from video by FakeMoustache Media