KBR and Battery Energy Drink partnership continues

Published on 08.12.2013 19:27

Battery Energy Drink is continuing the collaboration with KBR snowboarding crew. KBR’s latest movie “Golden Years” was once again a big success. Winning the Movie of the Year title at the Spine Awards earlier this fall was one of the highlight moments and a well deserved recognition from the snowboarding community.

KBR snowboarding crew was founded in 2004 by Petrus Koskinen and Toni Kerkelä. Since then KBR has made a movie each year and the newest Golden Years movie is their ninth movie. The KBR’s vision has always been to make world class snowboarding movies with riders who are close friends with each other. These days KBR is noted as the most known snowboarding crew from Finland and their movies are watched all over the world.

KBR is now filming their upcoming movie and you can watch the latest release in full here: KBR’s Golden Years