photo: Antti Hahl

Jukka Viljanen (B-Hydro) is off to conquer Greenland

Published on 28.3.2013 11:41

Adventure runner and B-Hydro representative, Jukka Viljanen has announced that he will be embarking on an extreme and grueling run across the entire Greenland icecap in April/May. Jukka will be joined by fellow adventure runner Greg Maud. The pair will attempt to be the first people to have ever crossed the full width of Greenland on foot.

The guys will attempt to cover the distance of over 620 km in 15-20 days, depending on the weather conditions. Their journey will take them north of the Arctic Circle where temperatures are known to sink to below -30°C. They will be accompanied on their journey by two dogsled teams. Follow this epic adventure right here or check the expedition site for more information.