Introducing B-Moto’s newest member, motocross driver Ludde Söderberg

Published on 08.2.2012 8:37

Battery Energy Drink is proud to introduce the newest member of B-Moto, motocross driver Ludde Söderberg. For 2012, Söderberg has also joined forces with Finnish supercross champion, B-Moto member Antti Pyrhönen.

Battery Energy Drink asked Ludde a few questions about the new season.

Ludde, how does it feel to be a part of the B-Moto team?

It feel’s great to be a part of the B-Moto team. When I was a kid I always looked up to the guys who represented the Battery colors and I think the partnership gives a really cool look to the AP24Racing team that I will be representing in 2012.

Tell me about your collaboration with Antti Pyrhönen:

It’s really an honor to work with a great person like Antti Pyrhönen. As I am about 10 years younger than Antti, he was one of the Finnish guys who was racing in the GP’s when I was starting out in Finland, so of course I used to be a big fan of his. And I still am. The first time I met Antti was at a local track, as I was getting prepared for my first international race ever, in the Czech Republic in 2005. I went over with my dad to ask if he could give us any advice. I could tell that he was a real professional, giving us some advice and wishing me luck. I later got to know him better in 2010 and he’s been helping me out in different ways ever since. In 2012, I will be racing in his AP24Racing team, we will be traveling and training together and he will help me out with his knowledge and strong connections across Europe. I think he can really give me some good tips and I hope our teamwork will also help him in his goal to win the MX3 World championship this season!

What are your goals for this season?

This season, I hope to gain knowledge of the new bigger 450cc bike and to adapt to the way of riding this more powerful machine. I also hope to stay fit and healthy the whole season. In MX3, I hope to finish in the top 5 and to be a tough competitor in the series. I also hope to be able to take the gold medal in the Finnish supercross series away from my friend Antti, but I know he won’t give it to me without a fight!

Thank you for your answers and welcome to the B-Moto team, Ludde.