Battery Surf Camp

Get in the mood for next year’s Battery Surf Camp

Published on 28.8.2012 15:44

The 14th traditional surfing event Battery Surf Camp was held in Roosta Holiday Village on July 11th-15th July 2012. The event attracted more than 2 000 people to the Roosta beach on five subsequent days. For the first time in the history of Estonian festivals, the event was organized following environment-friendly principles.

This year, the Surf Camp focused on green thinking, originating from the essence of surfing as a nature-loving sport. “We can say that surfers are environment-conscious people”, commented the Head Organizer of Battery Surfcamp 2012, Kristel Vettik.
The aim of the green concept was to decrease the amount of waste on the scenic site at least by one third. “We are satisfied with the result as the amount of trash decreased even by half this year. The public discipline was in general good and we can say that Estonians are open to environment-conscious events. We hope to see the same approach regarding forthcoming events by other organizers!” Vettik was optimistic.
The program of the Battery Surf Camp was, once again, versatile. The camp featured many surf trainings for beginners and advanced levels, for kitesurfing fans and windsurfers. The Roxy Ladies Surf competition was held together with My First Competition where first-timers could test their competitive skills.
In addition to the surf-related program, the Battery Surf Camp offered many workshops on ecological footprint, skincare, healthy nutrition, first aid, art etc. as well as numerous dance lessons.
The feedback from surfers proved that the new green Battery Surf Camp concept gained positive emotions together with the quality program of the festival.

Surfing is a lifestyle and the Battery Surf Camp represents it all: sun, fun on the beach, surfing and, above all, good company.

Get in the mood for next year’s Battery Surf Camp by watching this edit on this year’s Surf Camp: