Francesco Beltrami in 2014 Dakar

Published on 12.1.2014 19:01

After almost one year of hard work and training, the Italian rider Francesco Beltrami was ready to take on the biggest offroad challenge in the world. Taking part for the third time in which is considered to be the toughest event in the world, Dakar is not the usual motorsport race but an adventure.

And what an adventure of misfortune it turned out to be for Beltrami. Problems started right at the first stage, where Beltrami had to race the entire stage only using the 4th gear due to gearbox failure. After the stage it became clear that the gearbox wasn’t the only thing broken. Mechanics worked through the night to get the bike ready for the next morning’s early start. But it didn’t stop there, as half way through the second stage Beltrami’s engine broke down completely and he had to be towed to the camp. Unfortunately this meant that he had no time to change the engine again before the third stage started, so he had to stop and retire from Dakar.

“I am really disappointed because I still can’t believe it that the bike started having so many problems after I had been testing it at home before shipping it here to South America. I was extremely determined and wanted to make my sponsors and friends proud by making a good result and having consistency through the days. Anyway, now it’s done and I need to look forward. I will continue training and participating in other events through out the year waiting for 2015 Dakar to come” comments Beltrami.