Pyrhonen Italy

Castiglione del Lago (Italy) brings Antti Pyrhönen 34 WC points

Published on 30.6.2011 14:36

Antti Pyrhönen Newsletter Sunday June 19 (abbreviated)

The motocross racers in the MX3 class made the long trip to central Italy for round four of the 2011 World Championship. What followed them to Italy was the heat with similar temperatures as in Finland a week earlier.

Same as in Finland the double win went to Julien Bill and Antti Pyrhönen scored 34 World Championship points (max per event 50) and stays in the race for a top three result at the end of a long MX3 season that sees the finish on September 11 in Spain.


After qualifying in seventh position, Antti had to keep a close eye on the 3 guys ahead of him in points if he wants to hold onto his goal of being in the top 3 at the end of the season.

“At first note my 5th and 4th scores today may not seem impressive but I did the best I could and this was my maximum score under difficult race conditions and other guys being on the gas. I was happy with the bike adjustments so no reason to look for excuses or put any blame on that. I admit that my speed today was not good enough to end on the podium, that is a fact and I can live with that. Next week I have to attack harder and see if I can gain some points back from the guys up front.”

“Physically I am fit but the guys who finished ahead had just a bit more speed. I had a constant gap on Potisek but could not get closer to him. Let’s try to make it work so that in Senkvice, Slovakia, the coming weekend, I’ll get some more points.”


First race: 1. Julien Bill; 2. Martin Michek; 3. Milko Potisek; 4. Daniele Bricca; 5. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN; 6. Michael Staufer; 7. Martin Zerava; 8. Christophe Martin; 9. Saso Kragelj; 10. Marco Maddii

Second race: 1. Bill; 2. Michek; 3. Potisek; 4. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN; 5. Kragelj; 6. Zerava; 7. Maddi; 8. Staufer; 9. A Paggliacci; 10. Josef Kulhavy

World Championship points: 1. Bill, 165; 2. Potisek, 146; 3. Michek 134; 4. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN, 120; 5. Zerava, 101; 6. Maddii, 100; 7. Parshin, 54; 8. Staufer, 54; 9. Rouhiainen, 50; 9. Petr Michalek, 49

Next MX3 race June 26 – Senkvice, Slovakia