Battery Sisters – Lady Snowboarders Join the B-Squad

Published on 04.2.2011 10:00

There’s a lot going on in ladies snowboarding at the moment. The Finnish Snowboard Association and SNL (the Finnish Female Boarders Association) have started up a team to support the ladies in the sport. This new team of 11 talented riders carries the name Battery Sisters!

Getting a spot on the team was by no means easy. There were more than 30 high-quality applicants hoping to join the Battery Sisters team this season. Ten of the chosen ladies come from a freestyle background. These riders are Anna Laukkanen, Juulia Timlin, Merika Enne, Kristiina Nisula, Senni Hyyppä, Kristiina Nyman, Ruut Laukkanen, Vilina Koivisto and the Suitiala sisters, Suvi and Silja. The final member of the team, Emilia Lindfors, is a cross rider. Congratulations ladies and welcome to the Battery family!