B-Hydro launch

Battery proudly presents: B-Hydro

Published on 19.5.2011 13:06

Meet B-Hydro – A line-up of sportsmen you don’t always see in the newspaper’s sports section. You can find them pushing themselves to the absolute limits in terms of physical performance. They put their endurance to the test under the harshest conditions. These guys know that extraordinary results are achieved through strenuous training and continuously pushing the limits of one’s physical capabilities. They put in some serious blood, sweat or tears.

The B-Hydro team is putting Battery Hydro continuous to the test, in the most imaginative ways possible. B-Hydro is busy making sure you get the best there is to keep you going throughout your physical activities. What ever you do. Where ever you do it.

Battery Hydro – Energy. Hydration. Recovery.

Meet the athletes