Battery just got more Battery

Published on 23.3.2011 12:39

Battery energy drink’s logo and packaging designs just got sleeker, simpler, clearer, more powerful, and even more battery.

The more the merrier, if you know who is who. And now you do. The new packages have been designed to help you tell the family members apart: Sugarfree is served up in silver, Gingered grabs you in green, Cranberry juiced comes dressed in red and the new-comer Hydro delivers in blue. The new, sleek and simple, reclosable 0,4 litre PET-bottles get their handsome looks from the cans. Now you truly know who’s with the mob, and can tell apart the wannabes.

Whichever flavour you like the best, whichever package you choose, you can always count on it being full-blooded Battery energy drink. A trusted energy source for millions. Considered as the most powerful by most. Produced with utmost precision to constantly deliver the best premium quality and functionality.

Battery energy drink, keeps you going.