Published on 14.12.2011 16:30

Finland’s most international metal band, Nightwish, is joining forces with Finland’s most international energy drink, Battery Energy Drink. The just signed marketing co-operation includes visibility and activations in web, social media, in Battery Energy Drink’s point of sale and also activations in selected Nightwish concerts and festivals during 2012. The co-operation will also show on the band’s home turf in Battery Energy Drink’s packages, since the limited edition Nightwish can is hitting the stores in Finland around March 2012.

”Heavy, powerful and energetic music such as Nightwish’s is a perfect fit for Battery Energy Drink. The good experiences from our co-operation with Apocalyptica encouraged us to put more effort in music. Thus, Nightwish is a natural next band to team up with. It is, after all, globally the best known Finnish band in its category, as is Battery Energy Drink”, says Battery Energy Drink’s international brand manager Heidi Kivimaa. “Also a nice curiosity is that Nightwish’s first album, Angels Fall First came out in 1997, the very same year as Battery Energy Drink was launched in its first market, Finland. Both are hence celebrating their 15th anniversary in 2012.”

The timing of the coop is parallel to the launch of the long-awaited new Nightwish’s album Imaginaerum.  “The cooperation with the Finnish energy drink pioneer Battery Energy Drink is the thing to do. If we can help each other out there, we should.” says Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish.