Battery energy drink team #113 bike: Yamaha R1 + Jussi Seljas

Published on 28.5.2014 8:36

Motorbikes are not exactly the vehicles Gumball 3000 is made for, but Battery Energy Drink wanted to make an exception to that rule in this year’s rally. When such an exception is made, who could be a better man for the job than daredevil Jussi “Sepy” Seljas, an all-or-nothing motorbike enthusiast known for his out of the ordinary stunts. In Gumball 3000 2014 Jussi will be riding from Edinburgh to Ibiza with a 298 rwhp Yamaha R1. Quite a worthy 2-wheeler on such an epic road trip, or what do you recon?
Yamaha R1 Turbo
Power: 298 rwhp
Boost: 1,42 bar
Acceleration: 0-200km/h 6,29 sec.
Top speed: 350km/h (limited)


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