Battery Energy Drink presents: JJ-Street Company in Estonia

Published on 26.4.2012 11:08

Do you love street dance? Is it natural for you to move to the beat of the music? If your answer is yes and you live in Estonia, Battery Energy Drink strongly recommends checking out JJ-Street Company.

JJ-Street Company was founded in 2003 by Joel Juht, who is one of the pioneers of street dance in Estonia. JJ-Street Company is the biggest and also the first street dance school in Estonia: it has two main offices, one is located in Tallinn and the other in Tartu, but there are smaller branches all over the country. The school’s goal is to spread information about original street culture and expand their students’ skills and knowledge.

JJ-Street Company is also known for organizing the biggest street culture festival in the Baltics called JJ-Street Baltic Session. Every year, many dancers from all over Europe come to the event to share their love for dance and to improve their skills through battles and workshops. In addition, JJ-Street also organizes events for graffiti artists and beat boxers during the Baltic Session.

Every summer, JJ-Street organizes Camp of Hip-Hop. C.O.H.H. is an international dance camp that has already been held for 9 summers. The dance camp has become a tradition where dancers get together to have fun and to share their love for dance. With every summer, Camp of Hip-Hop is becoming bigger and better – with more talented dancers visiting C.O.H.H. and great vibes growing bigger every year. During the first years C.O.H.H. was only open to local dancers. However, in the summer of 2010, C.O.H.H. became a truly international street dance camp with more than 200 participants from all over Europe.

To learn more about Camp of Hip-hop, check out this video of C.O.H.H. 2011:

JJ-Street Company organizes events, dance competitions and workshops with top dancers all year round. For more information, go to, and

Battery Energy Drink is proud to keep these dancers going.