Battery Energy Drink keeps Gumball 3000 going

Published on 13.12.2012 12:33

Gumball 3000 – the road trip with superstars, rock’n’roll, supercars and most glamorous parties – tours Europe in May 2013. Battery Energy Drink is the official energy drink of Gumball 3000 lifestyle rally.

Freshly returned from the 2012 tour de force of the USA, Gumball is revving up for a spectacular year of supercar culture, international style and VIP entertainment as it celebrates 15 years as the world’s most rock’n’roll car rally event. 2013 sees Gumball return to its home ground in Europe for an Anniversary Route set to be the most exclusive road trip adventure in the world. Driving from Copenhagen, Denmark to Monte Carlo, Monaco, the route reflects Gumball 3000’s celebrated position as the most fashionable motor event on the international calendar.

This monumental tour drives through Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Italy and France before settling in supercar-mecca for 3 days of VIP hospitality at the Monaco Grand Prix. At each international pit stop Gumball will bring its own unique brand of entertainment to the city, hosting music concerts and VIP parties alongside public-access car displays which draw crowds of thousands.

The incredible over 100-strong vehicle line up on 2013’s rally will include multi-million dollar Bugatti Veyrons, McLarens, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Aston Martins, Jaguars and Porches along with a selection of custom tuned, vintage, and utterly unique vehicles. The 2013 grid comprises rock stars to royalty and film stars to philanthropists in a staggering mix of energy, achievement, and passion for adventure. Past drivers include David Guetta, Bam Margera, Snoop Dogg and Daryl Hannah.

“Battery Energy Drink is proud to be the official energy supplier of Gumball 3000. Supercars, having fun among the Gumball family, street events and glamorous parties enliven the route cities and it fits Battery Energy Drink perfectly,” Battery energy drink team comments.

“Gumball is about challenging tradition and taking a non-conventional approach to exploring and developing cultural and creative boundaries. Battery Energy Drink shares the same DNA and is a natural partner,” says Maximillion Cooper, Founder & CEO, Gumball 3000 Group.