Battery energy drink is the official energy drink of gumball 3000 also in 2014. Miami – Atlanta – NY – Edinburgh – London – Paris – Barcelona – Ibiza, 4.-12.6.2014.

Published on 17.2.2014 13:43

Stoked to inform that Battery Energy Drink is keeping the world’s most exclusive road trip Gumball 3000 going also in 2014. This unique concept is featuring supercars and superstars, bringing them to the streets and market places, at reach of every car enthusiast and celebrity fan trough out the rally route of 3000 miles. In 2014 the rally starts in Miami and ends in the beach party –capital of Europe, Ibiza passing trough night stops in Atlanta, New York, London, Paris and Barcelona.

Read more about Gumball 3000 at and make sure to come + check out the car convoy like no other in the world when the rally hits near you.