Battery energy drink is the new main sponsor for Pirita Surf Club and School in Estonia!

Published on 05.5.2010 11:53

Saturday, the 1st of May 2010, an agreement between Battery energy drink and the Pirita Surf Club and School was signed. The cooperation agreement makes Battery the new main sponsor of the Wind Surf School and Club, located in Pirita beach in Tallinn, and the club will be named after the main sponsor as Battery Pirita Surf Club.

Battery favours all passionate and committed people and that is exactly what the surfers are. Through supporting the Battery Pirita Surf Club and School, Battery wishes to give an additional boost to windsurfing – a field of sports that has strongly developed and gained popularity over the past years in Estonia.

Battery Pirita Windsurfing School is a place for young people who want to combine beach with sports. In the same building with the school is also the surf club that offers surfers a place to stow their gear, take training courses, wait for the wind in a cosy place and relax in the hot sauna after surfing. The club is opened not only to the members of the windsurfing association but to everyone who love the sea and surfing.

Catch the wind with Battery!

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