photo: Antti Hahl

B-Moto’s Antti Pyrhönen says goodbye to motocross

Published on 13.9.2012 12:54

13 September 2012

Dear friends and fans,

During the past 12 years I have been active and successful in international motocross. While still being Finland’s best racer, now is the moment to announce that I had my last race on the 18th of August at Matterley Basin in England.

This week I am celebrating my 34th birthday which is a good time to take a new step in my professional life. Motocross is my life and I have given my best in every race of my active career. My best score was a double victory at Vantaa in the Finnish MX3 Grand Prix of 2009 in front of a home crowd. That season I was at my best and the reward came with a bronze medal in the FIM MX3 World Championship. Those were the best days of my life.

I have enjoyed every race in my long career, and I have been successful not only in MX3 but also in MX1. I have raced for several respected international motocross teams, and I have made friends and fans all over the world. My first race victory was in Chile in 2009, which was another amazing feeling and the beginning of my best season.

As mentioned, my last race was in England, where I crashed in the last moto and hurt my shoulder after I had already twisted my knee earlier the same day. The doctor gave me his prognosis this week. It means I would be only half fit for the final MX3 race in Germany and the MXoN team race week after that. In my entire career I have given everything that I have inside me to go for the highest score and deliver my best. For this reason I have decided not to race these events and will finish my career as a rider today.

My motocross career has given me wonderful sweet memories and I have truly fulfilled all of my dreams. Without the support of my family, my loyal sponsors and my closest friends I could not have made it.

Now is the moment to say goodbye and thank you all. Words cannot express my deepest feelings of gratitude for all your support. It has been an amazing career with great results. Also I had some very bad moments and a few serious injuries but every year I managed to find the motivation to pick up the pieces and give my best in a new season as I knew so many of you supported me.

I admit that it was difficult to hang up my helmet and to stop racing. What makes it easier is the fact that my professional life will continue in the sport that has stolen my heart.

From the bottom of my heart I send a big thanks to all of you.

Antti Pyrhönen 213