B-Moto Ludde tells about his MX1 experience

Published on 04.10.2013 13:25

Earlier this season Battery Energy Drink MX rider Ludde was asked to join IceOne Racing Team for the remaining MX1 season. This meant that B-Moto Ludde had to make a decision and put his thoughts of MX3 aside. Ludde decided to go for bigger challenges and jumped on the opportunity to ride in a professional team with semi-factory equipment.

B-Moto Ludde did three MX1 starts and MXoN team event and he was happy with his performance amongst the best of the MX world. “All in all I didn’t do amazing things in the races I did for IceOne but still I feel happy with the results and the whole opportunity was a great experience.”

Now that the difficult and heavy international racing season is over, B-Moto Ludde still has one Club Team Race in Finland left. We can only congratulate Ludde of his strong spirit and his dedication in pursuing his goals. All the best for the next season.