photo: Antti Hahl


Published on 19.6.2013 11:56

From Slovenia the MX3 riders continued to Maggiora in northern Italy. “Maggiora is a spectacular track with big hills and technical stuff which I like so I hope for the best” said B-Moto Ludde.

After his hospital visit last week B-Moto Ludde got his injury checked in Italy, just to make sure everything is alright. His arm was feeling better after some laser therapy and his feeling is improving all the time.

Race weekend also includes MX1 and MX2 classes, which means the track will be on heavy ruts when B-Moto Ludde’s MX3 starts. “I prefer ripped up tracks over the hard pack and flat tracks we normally have in MX3, so that was the positive side of mixing all MX classes.”

MX3 guys went out for the moto one on Saturday eve. B-Moto Ludde fought his way to 8th and he was pleased that he did better than last week.”I made a good start and that maybe made me think too much. My riding was not relaxed, I knew I had to stay on two wheels which could have been the reason.”

B-Moto Ludde got a good top ten start in the Sunday morning’s moto two. After getting blocked out of a corner he lost several positions, but he was able to race back to 11th in the finishing line. After the weekend B-Moto Ludde went up to 7th place in the World Championship standings.

“As the next race in Croatia is cancelled, I will be driving back home for the midsummer to spend some time with family and friends – great!”

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS: 1. Gercar, 199; 2. Walkner, 191; 3. Michek, 182; 4. Krestinov, 172; 5. Brockel, 118; 6. Smola, 107; 7. Söderberg, 100; 8. Muratov, 95; 9. Bertuzzo, 94; 10. Michalec, 77 Next MX3 race: 21 July, Chernevtski, Ukraine