photo: Antti Hahl


Published on 28.6.2013 9:44

B-Moto Ludde is 7th in the World Championship standings after the moto in Maggiora, Italy. Well deserved midsummer break couldn’t have gotten any more dramatic start when B-Moto Ludde’s and mechanic Jani’s van decided to blow it’s engine with a bang. Guys missed their ferry to Turku, but with some serious luck they were able to get into the last ferry to Finland.

After spending some quality time with family and friends, it was time for B-Moto Ludde to set his sights on the upcoming races. “I planned from the start of the year to do all MX3 races, next back to Ukraine on July 21st and the remaining MX3 rounds” said B-Moto Ludde. “I take racing very serious, it brings a lot of work to run my own team and organize everything. We are far away from home during the season and spend a lot of time on the road. But I want to give it my best shot and it’s a pity this is the last year for MX3.”

But MX3 is not the only goal for B-Moto Ludde as he has a wildcare for the MX1 in Hyvinkää, Finland. He is thrilled to race in front of the home crowd and B-Moto Ludde is hoping to get more MX1 starts after that, like the race in Latvia later this summer.