Published on 22.7.2013 13:29

After a hard MX1 race in Finland B-Moto Ludde headed over to Ukraine with his mechanic. Bad luck seems to be following them as their van broke down in the middle of Romania. Like that wasn’t enough their new ride from the organizer decided to call it quits and only the third van was able to get the guys and the bikes to Chernivtsy, Romania.

Exhausting trip meant less sleep for B-Moto Ludde and his first practice the next day couldn’t have been any worse. “In practice I was doing okay in top ten, I had a mid-pack start in the qualifying race but did not enjoy the track. Then another rider, Karas from Croatia, crashed after a jump and I missed the yellow flags so landed on top of his bike. I got away shaken but unhurt, my bike was destroyed so we had to get the second bike ready.”

Even though B-Moto Ludde wasn’t enjoying the dusty, rock hard track in Chernivtsy, his performance in Moto one got him 10th and in Moto two he ended up in 13th. With three rounds left in the MX3 World Championship series B-Moto Ludde is just one point behind Bertuzzo, who is sixth in the championship points.

Next MX3 race: Matterley Basin, UK – August 25th