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Published on 04.1.2012 17:51

A Happy New Year To All Of You!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas time with your friends and family as well as a blasting night to start 2012!

We are super excited to start our Latin American tour in a few days. It has been years since we met all of you in this part of the world…

Unfortunately, within the last weeks we faced many difficulties with the concert promoter who was hired to do the shows in Chile and Brazil. Since weeks he ignores our team now, which ends in not even knowing venue addresses in Brazil. All this costs us a lot of money we loose now. Since we cannot guarantee a show as of today, we need to cancel the planned shows in Brazil and Chile.

We cannot say whether tickets will be re-imbursed or not, since the promoter is not speaking to us since days now. Please check with your local ticket office.

We are very disappointed about this news. But we work hard now to re-schedule concerts in Brazil and Chile as soon as possible – with different people promoting the shows!

Some of you have purchased VIP tickets for the shows via our Pledge campaign for the photo book. You will receive a personal e-mail. Please look out for this.

All others, who are not effected by the cancellation, we are looking forward to seeing you all very, very soon!

Battery Energy Drink’s comment:

We are as disappointed as you guys about the gig cancellations in Brazil and Chile. This unfortunately means that the winners of the Battery Energy Drink & Apocalyptica competition will not get to see Apocalyptica as Battery Energy Drink’s guests in Brazil or Chile. We are very sorry, guys.