photo: Antti Hahl

Antti Pyrhönen’s column

Published on 02.4.2012 8:50


Dear friends and fans, this column I am writing in my camper parked at Dirkx Honda shop in Belgium. The Dirkx family is really a fantastic support to me and my team. We can park our camper and van at their place, Jussi and I can work in their workshop. All this is very valuable to me.

Living in a camper is tough on some days but this is the life of a motocross rider so overall it is okay. I remember the days when we had a big house in Belgium in 2009 and 2010 and in the night I woke up when the heater started and thought of the money it was burning. I woke up in the morning calculating the cost of having a house there.

It has been a hectic time with nearly two months of testing and practicing in Belgium and Holland, I did 4 Dutch Open championship races and the last weekend of March we are free. To have days of rest is important so we are taking it a bit easy with the first MX3 World Championship race this coming Easter weekend in Valkenswaard, Holland.

That track is just across the border from where we have our European base so there is not far to travel. I am looking forward to the first of our 10 MX3 events for the World title. It is now time to start the season and I am ready for it. And it is a good thing to know that many of my family and friends will come over to Valkenswaard to see me race and support me.

When I say that I am ready for Valkenswaard I mean that we have done a full testing and training schedule, I know what it takes to be ready for my target this year. A target that is to be competitive and steady over the whole season. Ready to be fighting for a podium place in every race and I plan to be racing for the title right until the last event in Germany September 23rd.


I started this March in four Dutch Open Championship races that can be called mini GP’s as many international riders use these meetings to test their bikes and shape their bodies. These Dutch tracks are really tough and deep sand tracks to make it a serious test who is fit and fast. My results may not be truly exciting but overall I am okay the way things went. We have tested a lot of engine settings and new material like pistons, suspension to find out what works and does not work for me.

In Heerde I was involved in a start crash and came back strong, in another race I got my goggles bombarded with sand coming from another rider’s rear wheel and I had to stop and clean them. In some races I got arm pump which is like a cramp as the body slowly gets used to racing a motocross bike on very demanding tracks. The Dutch tracks are so demanding that it was sure a good preparation for Valkenswaard. That track will be the roughest of the roughest because we are mixed with 3 other World Championship classes, the MX1, the MX2 and the ladies WMX class.

We get to the real racing when we arrive in Valkenswaard and the playing stops when the gate drops. Then it is two MX3 World Championship meetings in a row -with France the next one- and the first points are at stake.


About my bike I can say that we have done our homework and as always my mechanic and friend Jussi Heikkonen has been a strong contribution to sort out what works best for me. In Valkenswaard you don’t need the fastest bike, it is more important to have a smooth riding bike. With my technical sponsors we have build a good package and in basics my bike is how I want it with the HGS exhaust system, the Twin Air products, the Motomaster Brakes, the injection settings that we find best, with Jussi’s suspension, etc.
We have tested many other parts like pistons and camshafts but we keep that for later. In the first GP and especially at Valkenswaard it is important to have an easy to ride bike and not search for maximum power. The second moto in Valkenswaard we will face a totally messed up track, the Dutch and Belgian riders are used to it but the experience I have under my belt I also know what to expect and will adept. There will be new riders who will be strong so it is a matter of find good lines and adjust my speed especially in the first part of the races and take it lap by lap.

My own condition is good and in the direction that I want it to be. I have done so much and hard training while we were in Belgium that my body hurts when waking in the morning. But we know for a fact that my hard work will pay off later and is an investment for the long and demanding season.

Here is the MX3 calendar 2012:  9 April The Netherlands – Valkenswaard (with MX1 – MX2 – WMX);  5 April France – Castelneau de Levis; 13 May Bulgaria – Troyan; 20 May Italy – (Place To Be Announced); 3 June Croatia – Mladina; 10 June Slovenia – Orehova Vas; 1 July Slovakia – Senkvice; 19 August Great Britain – Matterley Basin (with MX1 – MX2 – WMX); 9 September Portugal – Agueda  (To Be Confirmed); 23 September Germany – Teutschenthal (with MX1-MX2-WQMX);  30 September Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations Belgium – Lommel