Pyrhonen Pori

Antti Pyrhönen showed Pori, Finland how it’s done!

Published on 06.6.2011 16:53

Antti seems to be peaking at the perfect time with the Vantaa, Finland leg of the World Championships coming up this weekend. He took part in the Finnish MX1-class Championship race in Pori and left all the other participants eating dust in the first heat. He took the lead half way through the first lap, and by the third lap he was a full 15 seconds ahead of the next rider. He didn’t ease up at any point, and at the goal line he had a staggering 50 seconds to wait for Niko Koskela, who came in second.

”I started well, but ran one of the first corners a little wide and had a few guys in front of me. I got past them quite quickly and rode at my own pace from then on. I was surprised how big the winning margin was by the end of the heat. Riding is really starting to feel good now.” Antti explained after the first heat.

For Antti the second heat was over before it even started. ”I realized that my front tire was punctured just before the race was about to begin. We tried pumping itu p, but a puncture is a puncture. What can you do… Normally I ride with puncture-proof tires, but we were saving them for the upcoming weekend’s World Championship race in Vantaa.”

Overall the weekends results were extremely encouraging keeping the Vantaa race in mind. Anti is in good shape and on form. Vantaa promises to be a great weekend. See you all there!