Antti and teammate Ludde in Valkenswaard pits

Antti Pyrhönen Race Report MX3 2012

Published on 10.4.2012 12:14



The opening race for the MX3 World Championship took place Monday 9 April at the deep sand circuit of Valkenswaard in Holland. Weather and track conditions were tough for AP24RACING team leader Antti Pyrhönen and his young team mate Ludde Söderberg.


Antti and Ludde had really done a good job in free training and qualifications, scoring a third place in their group. Boss Antti was struggling with his bike and he could not hide his frustrations.

“From the first lap in training my race bike was having problems with bottom power. I had to rev the engine and when changing gear the engine almost died so it was very difficult. We changed the fuel but it did not bring any improvement and therefore I had to switch to my second bike which has a totally different setting and high compression piston.”

“We had decided earlier that that bike was not suitable for races but there was no other way than to switch to my second bike. With the extra power the rear wheel was spinning a lot in the race.”

Ludde Söderberg did his maiden MX3 race and it started very promising! “I did not know what to expect but it was going truly well with a third place in my qualification group and having fun. My speed was surprisingly good against the other riders, it might be slightly different next week on a hard track in France.”


Race one started in dry weather and Antti and Ludde stood side by side at the gate. The senior of the two made a flying start out of the gate and lead into the first corner, keeping the lead for one lap. He knew local guys from Belgium and Holland race every weekend under this kind of circumstances so when they blew by he let them go and waited how the race would develop. A fourth place was his part of the cake.

Ludde had followed his team leader in great style holding a good position but was too aggressive and did not wait for the right moment to pass the guy in front of him. He crashed and lost valuable point finishing on 7 World Championship points. Besides he had damaged a muscle in his shower that needed attention.

In the second moto the rain was heavy and the track totally destroyed as Antti called it by so many races on the same day. It was after 5 o’clock when their last races started – after a more than 5 hour interval – and this time he was not so well off going down in the second corner. That pushed him back into last place a starting his race through the field which led to eight position at the finish.

ANTTI: “The right speed was there on the track and results on Saturday were quite all right. However the bike was not running well which caused us headaches as we could not find the problem. In the start I had a good jump out of the gate but the rear wheel gave too much spin due to very much torque. We have a break and re-check what caused all and get ready for the next meeting.”

“I did not feel so comfortable but we had to get through the day and not get the head messed up. In the second start I was a bit slower and due to the high torque I spun out in the second corner and was dead last when I started my chase for the best possible position which was eight. It was one of the most horrible races of my life, both track and conditions were terrible.”

“I have been at Castelneau de Levis and know what to expect when we get there in a couple of days for round two. That track is very fast and can be slippery but I have the experience to fight with many fast guys there.”

LUDDE (in pain): “My first day in MX3 was good, the first day went okay with good times and my speed was okay as well. I did not know what to expect in MX3 but it seems to be the right class for me. With a bit more time on the big bike the results will come.”

“In the start I was 6 or 7 but I just have to learn while in the race to take it easy. I crashed on the second lap of the opening race trying hard to pass the guy in front of me while I could have waited a little bit for a better opportunity. Now I went too fast to a jump, crashed and landed on my shoulder. My shoulder is really painful and I went to see the doctor, a ligament is a bit stretched which causes the pain”.

“In the second race the track was really slippery and I had some bad luck on some of the rough parts of the track and had another crash which put an end to my race.”


Moto 1: 1. Yentel Martens, B; 2. Kevin Wouts, B; 3. Ceriel Klein Kromhof, NL;  4. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN, FIN;  5. Lukasz Lonka, PL; 6. Mattias Walkner, A; 7. Günther Schmidinger, A; 8. Martin van Daele, B; 9. Jamie Law, GB; 10. Michael Hool, NL;  14. LUDDE SÖDERBERG

Moto 2: 1. Wouts; 2. Walkner; 3. Kim Lindström, S; 4. Lonka; 5. Martens; 6. Law; 7. Rasmus Sjöberg, S;   8. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN;  9. Hool; 10. Van Daele;  SÖDERBERG DNF

World Championship Points: 1. Wouts, 47; 2. Martens, 41; 3. Walkner, 37; 4. Lonka, 34;  5. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN, 31;  6. Lindström, 30; 7. Law, 27; 8. Schmidinger, 24; 9. Van Daele, 24; 10. Hool, 23;  19. SÖDERBERG, 7