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Antti Pyrhönen Newsletter Sunday July 17 (abbreviated)

Published on 17.7.2011 7:13


A dark cloud was hanging over the rest of the MX3 season. There are still 3 races on the calendar but the news is that both Switzerland and Spain have been canceled so France on September 7th will be the final MX3 round this year.

“On Saturday evening we were informed what was already out in rumors for several weeks, that France is the last MX3 event. A total of 6 of our World Championships have been canceled this year. This is a shock, it is so unfair to the riders who do the full series. How can we plan our season, how can we sell our package to sponsors if they just take out so many events.”


Merja and papa Jorma had come over from Finland to support their hero. And they brought Antti’s main sponsor Rask and his wife plus some good friends from Finland and Belgium. The heat was on with high temperatures and an exciting track. Already parked behind the starting gate, a few minutes before it was about to drop we saw from a distance that Antti gave his bike to Kragelj and ran away .. not for a last sanitarian stop …

“The elastic band of my goggles broke and luckily the father of Swiss rider Valente gave me his son’s spare goggles. Still I made a good start but these goggles only had one set of tear off so I had to ride the opening laps with my head down to protect my goggles or I would not see anything after a few laps. Later in the race I found my rhythm and moved a couple of places to third. It was tough.”

The second race started even worse when Antti’s gate only dropped halfway.

“Oh boy, this year I have had all kind of setbacks. This meant a bad start and then I crashed on the third lap and was down in 20th position. I rode strong today to pay back for the support of my family, my loyal sponsor and close friends. And showed everyone that I am really fit, but it was hard work to come back to seventh place. My target today was to beat Michek but it did not work. In the first race he finished behind me after he crashed at the beginning.”

“I owe father Valente and Saso Kragelj a dinner for their great help, because you cannot race without goggles.”

Now Team Pyrhönen and friends Tomi and Atte will drive through the night to catch the ferry from Tallinn to get to Finland for Saturday’s Turku Supercross.


First race: 1. Julien Bill; 2. Milko Potisek; 3. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN; 4. Michael Staufer; 5. Saso Kragelj; 6. Nenad Sipek; 7. Martin Zerava; 8. Martin Michek; 9. Marco Maddii; 10. Gregory Wicht

Second race: 1. Bill; 2. Potisek; 3. Michek; 4. Zerava; 5. Kragelj; 6. Staufer; 7. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN; 8. Petr Michalek; 9. Maddi. 10. Oswald Reisinger

World Championship points: 1. Bill, 309; 2. Potisek, 275; 3. Michek. 245; 4. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN, 217; 5. Zerava, 202; 6. Maddii, 157; 7. Staufer, 146; 8. Kragelj, 106; 9. Michalek, 103; 10. Nicolay Kumanov, 67

Next MX3 race August 7 – Lacapelle Marival, France

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